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Custom SpringPheed - apoc4lypse

Thought this would be worth sharing. Recently picked up a SpringPheed for my Emek. After mounting it and messing around with it a bit, I started thinking about an idea.

I have always liked being able to aim down the top of the barrel of a marker, especially for stock class or single shot. Aiming down the side, like you have to do with a center feed, works for me, but I usually find myself not getting that perfect first shot; I am typically a bit off, which can be a big problem for stock class. I could probably get over that with practice, but unfortunately I don't get as much play time as I would like, and due to the neighborhood I live in, I can't really do any target practice in the back yard.

I have always had luck with red dot sights on Phantoms. They have always helped me overcome the first shot accuracy problem, and with a solid reference point, I have gotten really effective at compensating for trajectory and/or wind.

The SpringPheed semi seemed like a perfect application for a red dot sight, so I reached out to apoc4lypse after I saw that he listed custom work on his website.

After a few quick back and forth chats, and a really reasonable design fee, I ended up with a SpringPheed for both my CVO and my Emek that would let me mount a red dot sight. Coolest part is that the rail is modular, so I got a shorter and taller rail for a micro dot sight, and a longer and lower rail for a browning benchmark sight. The rails can swap between the two SpringPheeds without any issue.

Here are some pictures of the CVO one with the micro dot. The whole project turned out perfect, and I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend buying from apoc4lypse, whether it is an off the shelf product, or you want something custom. Great quality products and really pleasant transactions.






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Do you know if these are going to be production pieces now?
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Hmm this is a really interesting idea
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DOOD... That is the greatest thing since the last greatest thing. Is there anything Apoc4lypse can’t do?

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