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Collection Reduction (Pic heavy)

Hey all, I am trying to free up some funds for the 2013 season so I am selling off the gear that has collected over my years of playing.
Prices include shipping and are mostly OBO

Any questions please just ask!
Again prices include shipping!

I will consider the following trades.

Virtue Spire
Vforce Grillz
Phantom dropout valve (black)
Phantom freak barrel
phantom 45 frame (don't need grips)
Black dye 45 cocker slider frame.
High end spoolies (geo2+, DM9+, Clone GT...)
Molle pouches in Black
ICE Epic (vert feed)
anything Interesting or quirky

First is a vert feed VL revelation spent most of its life in a case in a closet and was only shot in my backyard. Strong shooter would make a good loaner. $30

next is a powerfeed left Spyder TL has Ion grips but is otherwise stock $50

Velocity is a little low (230ish)

Former rental, well worn but has plenty of life left
11 and 8 inch barrels and a PVC stock feed that needs a new feedgate.

Open class RF Phantom w/ vert air, L stock, and undercocking
includes standard pump handle 3.5oz co2 tank and 14inch stock barrel (not pictured)

stock 98 autococker. Only upgrade is an old school Bob Long longshot barrel in .689 and a ribbed trigger shoe. The pneumatics and barrel show some wear from the shroud rubbing on them and the threads on the bottom of the reg are worn but there is still enough meat on them to make a seal. Has the original manual and an allen key to adjust the velocity.

It's an Ion with the following upgrades
Q lock
dye sticky 3's
NDZ roller trigger
SP rail not included will have a duck bill ASA

the former owner drilled a slot in the trigger gaurd to better access the middle frame screw, bit of a hack job but it does help could be cleaned up with a files easily. Mini gauge is broken. Shoots nice!

DP G3 SE in gloss brown and black.
Has PRD installed and stock back cap included
Excellent condition

PM5 Matte black
No Rise clamping feedneck
1 piece proto barrel included

PM5 matte red to black fade
Ramping board (not sure if this is capable of semi)
Shocktech Trigger and ON/OFF
Clamping Feedneck
Full Pipe kit included in gloss red to black fade. (poorly included in picture)

Olive Green 06 Cyborg.
CCM clamping Feedneck stock feedneck also included.
Great shooter and incredibly reliable
Has some tool marks on the LPR
some anno wear on base of the barrel
Small Dent on the drivers side eye cover
Grips are missing the jewel on the drivers side.

Gloss Black Droid
Tadao OLED board, the screen isn't as bright as it should be but works great otherwise.
New bolt recently installed
Stock grips are on the marker because the Tadao ones cracked.
Oring Rebuild kit

Matte black DM8
This has been my main marker for the last season.
Jewels have been removed along with the rubber button cover.
Body has some anno wear. Since this was my main gun I touched up a lot of the spots with sharpie.
Eigan ring installed
CP constant flow plug
Critcal Trigger
Virtue OLED board and grips or stock board and grips can be included (or both)
w/ Stock board/grips $350
w/ Virtue OLED/grips $425
w/ both $475

Blackstar light speed pack 4+8 has removal lumbar pillow and is quite comfy $35 can include 4 pods

Grey V force Vantage mask in good shape

Halo with White Hybrid Suicide shells, no rip drive. $40

Old School Powerlyte Scepter kit
cocker threads
12inch barrel gloss black
6 inserts
This is the old style kit with longer inserts. Freak insert included in second picture for comparison (not included)
Soft case
$120 since they don't make them anymore.

Extreme Rage agitated Hopper
Sound activated, Pretty light.
Lid will be installed before shipping

Bob long Defiant
gloss blue fade
no barrel or reg
LED comes on and noid clicks when the trigger is pulled
Untested with air.
Found a Hyper reg, Etek barrel, and a CP ASA(it is missing one mounting screw)
cleaned it, aired it up and it works great!

Now $150 obo

Rocking 3 round burst. There is some drop off at the end as I run out of air. The halo in the video is the one I have listed for sale!

PE Distortion pants size Med
Bought these used, they are in great shape but it turns out they run small and medium doesn't fit me (I'm a 32-33 waist)
I would like to trade for a pair in LARGE. or $75

Full size phantom pump handle $10
Right feed phantom breech $20

Ultralite backs $30 each
JT stainless back $20

Top 3 are ultralites in cocker thread
Center barrel is the stainless JT
Bottom 2 are Impulse threaded ultralites

Tippmann barrel $10
Flatline barrel with no housing $10

Ion Reg, bolt, and stars body $20

PMR and a PM5 feedneck $5 each

system X drop and on/off
Threads are a bit worn. $10

Bag-o-Halo parts.
2 lids, a battery door, some screws, and nuts SOLD

Lime green proflex frame with clear lense soft ears and strap $35

Red Proflex frames clear lense with clear hard ears and a Contract killer strap $25

T8 Parts kit $20

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Interested in the Defiant, any more history of it? Looks like it's had a few mods and upgrades
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Originally Posted by M98punk View Post
Interested in the Defiant, any more history of it? Looks like it's had a few mods and upgrades
Not a lot I can tell you about the defiant. It came in a lot of gear I purchased. I was told it has a macdev sonic asa but that's about it. I will do some research on it. I may try to put some air through it tonight.
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Up! lets keep those offers coming. I can provide more pictures of videos for any interested buyers!
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Is that Extreme Rage hopper modified? I thought those were just turn on and go... constantly spinning. Just curious.

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There are at least 2 different models of the extreme rage hopper, this is the "sonic db" model which is sound activated rather than constantly spinning. Thanks for the up!
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Bump, items added
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