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Over 100 Boxes of Used & (Older) New Gear!

I used to buy and sell gear and am getting out of the game. I have bought out a couple of local paintball stores' remaining inventory and lots of random gearbags over the years. I no longer have time to deal with selling it piece by piece and want it gone in one go. Selling it off piece by piece, there's about 30-40K depending on how you like to price things.

$12,000 for the entire lot.

I am currently NOT PARTING out anything. I have several people already considering picking up that lot and am not willing to explain why certain things are no longer included.

There are markers (mostly $100-200 guns), masks, tanks, hoppers, clothing, parts, and tons of miscellaneous gear. A big ticket item that is included are the 200+ incomplete Stiffi barrels. For a while, I was selling these for roughly $30 a piece. These could be completed and sold for even more as they are a run of the discontinued J-Cam barrels jointly made by SpecOps and Stiffi.

I have spent too many hours taking pictures of everything and boxing it up. I've already sent pictures of the complete lot to half a dozen people and do not want to have to edit my pictures and explain why I've started parting out items. Again, I am NOT PARTING.

There are over 100 uniform boxes with gear and then several miscellaneous boxes.

I have managed to get them all into one album on Photobucket. If you would like them e-mailed to you, please private message me.

You can also call or text me at 801-918-3972.

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Phew, good luck with your sale...
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"Yeppppp!" Wonder what goodies are kicking around in the misc boxes.
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Originally Posted by NiCkEls55 View Post
"Yeppppp!" Wonder what goodies are kicking around in the misc boxes.
why wonder, when you could be looking at 300 pictures?
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Barrels are like girls... Some people are just happy to have one that looks good. Or even one that everyone else likes. Other people want a tight, accurate bore to run their balls through.
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Man, maybe sell them by box? Id love to take all of this stuff... if I wasn't using the money for college. Good luck selling!
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Updated the post and got all of the pictures into a Photobucket album. Watch for more pictures to be added to it as I find random stuff and toss them into another box.
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