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Harju's Long Overdue Sale with Really Poor Photos!

ALL PRICES LOWERED ON 9/19, make an offer!

Prices don't include shipping, I'm willing to make bulk deals and always open to trades (paintball or non-pb).

Stuff That Seems Worth Something:
-UL frame for dm4/5/c, milled to fit a dm3 as well-115 (i can help you convert your dm3 wiring and add the new rear frame hole)
-Virtue NT10/11 etc OLED board and grips-SOLD
-DM4 complete bolt kit-35
-DM5 complete bolt kit-35
-hyper 2 regs, SOLD
-rails and asas-7.50 apiece
-dm4 and dm5/c triggers-7.50 apiece
-shocktech and dm clamp collars-5 apiece
-dm3/matrix lprs-20 (aardvark trinity, pbc, dye bullets, dye rockets, hybrid verdikt)-DYE BULLETS ARE SOLD
-cocker 14 inch stiff 693-25
-stock dm3 barrel in blue, scratched-10
-lucky un1tech control bore 693 olive-10
-impulse/ion ul back-10
-kapp twister angel back-5
-evil pipe back-10
-feednecks, matrix threaded-10 apiece
-dye backplate, silver for dm3/matrix-15
-dm4 and dm5 vertical air adapters (VAA)-15
-dm4/5 on/off knobs-10
-pm5/6 ribbon eyes-15 apiece
-dm4 and dm5 eye covers-10 a set
-UL frame stock boards-SOLD
-pm5/6 stock board-5
-pm5/6 lucky board (takes dm4/5/c chips)-20 with stock chip, i have other chips
-dm3/matrix spikes/volumizers-5 apiece (toxic, aardvark)
-trauma musashi 7 UL frame board for dm4/5/6 UL frames-SOLD
-dm4/dm5/dmc/pm5/dm3/matrix solenoids, i have a lot-42.50 inlcuding wiring screws and gasket
-dm3 body that has wiring and body modded to fit a UL frame-offer if interested, price depends on what all comes inside it
-WAS (Wicked Air Sports) Turborev internals, very hard to find-65

Sidearms, I don't necessarily want or have to sell these...
-PT Professional, works great no leaks-65 or 85 with a holster
-Splatmaster, in good shape, shoots well-65 (maybe I'm crazy, throw me an offer, but I wouldn't mind keeping this one)

Soft Goods
-redz 4+1 horizontal-10 plus shipping
-NXE 3+2+2, lots of use, my first real pack, velcro is worn but might make a good loaner or starter for someone-5 plus shipping
-Redz 3+4 pack only, brand new, needs their belt to go with it-10 plus shipping
-mini pods, 3 50s and 1 100-10
-barrel bags and barrel plugs-5 to 15 apiece depending on what you want
-cp barrel case-10
-jt tank cover with bottom fin-5 plus shipping
-random wrist and head bands-offer (blackstar, captain morgan, dye, monster)

More Soft Goods, prices don't include shipping
-mask bags-5 apiece (i have a lot of them)
-jt black 04 frames-10, foam is decent
-dye headband-15 (don't mind keeping this)
-dye headband (black)-5
-xball hat and planet eclipse hat-10 apiece (xball hat SOLD)
-Lucky tshirt, medium-10
-Strigers scorpion jersey-SOLD

I don't have the time to organize or post everything in these pictures below, ask or offer away:
-dm3/matrix bolt parts, have plenty of complete sets for image v2 or silver gen 1, frames, triggers, some boards, feednecks, eye carriers, solenoids, eyes, lprs, dm4/5/c membrane pads, etc

Same deal, ask or offer
-dm4 and dm5 bodies, pm5 bodies, pm frames, dm4 and dm5 frames, revvy shell set, matrix/dm3 manifolds, dm3 parts (frames, breech rods, breeches, feednecks, vertical adapters), pm bolt parts, on/off knobs, etc

-5-15 depending on what you want, pm5/6, dm4/5/c, dm3/matrix, UL frame, angel, protos

DM3/dm4/dm5/dmc/pm5/pm6 parts kits
-i'll part these out for sure, no boards/noids/eyes
-mem pads, buttons, screws, springs, noid wiring, orings, etc. offer if you need bits and pieces

Paintball videos-5-10 apiece
-Insult to Injury
-Obscure Influence
-LA 2k Traumahead
-Traumahead Badlandz 2000
-unopened Truamahead LA 2001 city of angels

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Do you have more pictures of the PT Professional?
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if you part the AC pump, im really interested in the blue to black dye frame
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I'd be interested in the Maxflow in the DM4/5 parts picture. Do you have any details on it? Max output? Is it a Shocker Maxy?
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actually, you know what, ill take that pump off your hands...
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cocker stuff is gone, pming Ludavico
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