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Originally Posted by whiteout View Post
Be careful with this one, though. Rent and cost of living in the city center in a lot of places is 2-3x what it would be farther out, more than enough of a difference to offset your cost of transportation.

Note the difference in ROI there. Fluorescent for the win.
I love my 200 watt incandescent bulbs. I never realized how dark my room was until I switched. It also isn't wasting that much energy if I'm using the bulb to heat the space!

I'll stick with high output incandescent bulbs where I's worth the cost to me as a luxury. I don't have caller ID, and I drive a beater, but I'll gladly shell out for bright, warm, non flickering light.
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Just made a call, saving 32$/month on my car insurance

Le Renard Youtube Channel
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I'm not sure how many of you live near a Cabela's but I love it. Especially the bargain cave I buy all my holiday gifts and most of my clothing from there. Most of it is discontinued items and is 50% off or more. A couple weeks ago I bought at $85 pair of running shoes for $10.

Additionally I have their visa that earns me 1% everywhere and 2% on Cenex and Cabela's purchases. The points are only good at Cabela's but there are no fees and after a few years I'll buy myself a nice rifle with the points.
On the subject of Holy water paintballs:
Originally Posted by CrazyRuskii View Post
I can see it now, a mini van full of priests going 80mph through a suburb blasting metallica....
Feedback WTB Thread
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One thing we have done that is helping quite a bit is create a "Bills account"

Checking accounts are free at our Credit Union so we opened another one, pay is direct deposited into it and disposable income goes into another account. No more question as to weather or not it's bill money or extras. That was an issue for us especially with high seasonal heating costs that we set aside money for all summer.
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
Stock class =

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Eat less/no meat. Beef and some saltwater fish being the most expensive items most people cook with on a regular basis. Replace most or all of your meat using beans and Tofu. If treat meat as more of a garnish/flavour enhancer and not as a main course, you make a little meat go a long ways without sacrificing any taste. Pork in my mind offers the best value for flavour, beef being next along with turkey followed last by chicken.

If you have a meat that has bones (even leftover KFC chicken works) in it, make a soup broth from it in a slow cooker and throw whatever vegetables/beans/lentils you have around in it. It's a great way to use up vegetables that are getting a little ugly looking but still good to eat or if you have bit of random leftovers in the fridge. Also the worlds easiest breakfast food if you make things the night before.

Extremely simple trick that nearly everybody does but worth a mention: Generic Drugs. Same drugs, lower price.

Men: Condoms, don't be stupid and buy them from the drug store or supermarket. Use the internet and shop places like Amazon. Box of 12 condoms at Walmart are like 8 to 12 bucks. 15 bucks on Amazon can you a pack of 100. Or if your done having kids, get fixed.

Women: Birth Control. The Pill/Patch/Condoms/Injections are extremely expensive compared to long term opinions like IUD's or sterilization. Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved over your lifetime from changing your birth control.

Cut Cable/Satellite service, stop buying DVD's, cancel newspaper and magazine subscriptions Get an antenna, stream free shows off the internet, read online news and borrow DVDS from friends or the library. There is an incredible amount of free content out there, you don't need to pay for it. Also don't pay for more internet than you need, speed wise.

Lastly, cost analysis everything, especially hobbies, luxuries and eating out. Figure out what offers you the most pleasure for the least amount money (best bang for your dollar). Ask yourself if it is really worth it or not. More often or not, it's not worth it and you'll find other things that make you happier for less money.
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.

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Buy your gas on Thursday, it is typically the less expensive day of the week, and if you do shopper cards, you can often get a discount on gas with that card. Carry a few large gas cans and fill them when you use your discount, you can fill both of your cars with this method, without having to drive them both to the station at the same time!

Here we have Kroger, and if you buy their gift cards, (they have visa and mastercard gift cards... so I use that to then buy my groceries!) and they give you 4X the gas points. I've gotten $1.00 off per gallon quite often with this plan. (which is helpful since I drive about 30,000 miles a year...)

Find something that you have a surplus of, that you can sell. My family owns a large printing company, and we often have room left on a press sheet, so I print things on there that I can sell on ebay. I make a few bucks every time one sells, and it is just the cost of the auction and a stamp to mail it! Better than throwing that scrap in the garbage! (see "EZ cool stickers" on ebay for some products I am selling currently).

Get a car that uses less gas... I used to drive our MDX, which got about 20mpg. So I started looking for a inexpensive car that got better mileage, I found a really nice Jetta with only 100,000 miles and all the safety options for cheap. It gets around 27-30mpg. And my wife now drives my MDX as she only does about 7,000 miles a year.

Insulate your house... If there is a draft, fix it, you are losing money by a boatload. My brother in law put in a geothermal system, and one day his bills jumped $100 a month... He looked around and his insulation in his crawl space under his house had been chewed through by a groundhog, letting in tons of cold air. He fixed it, and his energy usage went back to normal!
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Unplug everything that is not in use. TV's, stereos, USB/phone chargers, computer chargers, anything that doesn't have a hard mechanical switch (think light switch). Huge portion of your power bill goes to things sitting around idling.

Shampoo/bar soap. It's still soap regardless if you pay $3 or $30. Your paying for perfumes not cleaning performance.

Oven: If your using your oven, bake a bunch of different food at the same time. Bake a pie with your chicken, oven's already on....

Zero money for food? Potatoes are quite possibly the best individual food to eat. You can survive off nothing more than potatoes and a bit of dairy products quite easily.

Plastic bags: First thing, for the planet sake, don't take plastic bags from the store unless you really really need them. Reusable bags are extremely cheap or sometimes even free, or use a backpack/box. But, on the other hand, don't buy garbage bags. Instead use the plastic bags the stores are giving away for anyway. It doesn't make sense to buy plastic bags so you can put plastic bags inside of it to toss away.

Random: I collect shopping carts with the quarters in them. I live near a mall and need to walk the dog anyway, so why not make a few bucks along the way? I've made thousands of dollars over the years from doing this.
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
we're talking about camping, not being homeless
Vagabond living on the side of the road in East Asia.

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