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Of course there is one draw back to sweat equity that can cause far more costs than it will save. People trying to do things they aren't actually qualified to do. With the kind of people who frequent this forum I suspect it is unlikely to be an issue in work anyone here might do to their own home, but rather someone else's work is more likely to bite them in the backside if they let things slip.

Recently saw an update in a friend's on-going 'adventure' with he home he purchased a year or so ago. An older building the previous home owner did 'extensive repair and restoration' work on. It looked nice, floors were mostly level and barely creaked when walked over, had a brand new roof, remodelled bathroom, and a large attached garage on a larger than average lot for not much above average price in the area.

So far he has discovered that the plumbing is a mix of copper, iron, PVC, ABS, and modern flex tubing... All in the same runs. All joined with what looks like marine epoxy.

Knob and tube, spliced across circuits, and hundreds of hidden junctions, most not even in boxes. (As in, it looks like someone collected scraps and left over pieces from another job site. In one twenty foot run for lights there was no piece longer than 14 inches.)

One wall in the bathroom was actually made of newspaper, chicken wire, concrete, and plaster...

If the owner hadn't sold the property they would be swimming in repair costs far greater than they would have had if they had done things right in the first place.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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ive put in a lot of sweat equity in my house. bought it in march and still havent moved in yet...

it is an old house., built in 1850. the living room and master bedroom are the original log house. the kitchen and the room above it look to have been built around the beginning of the 1900's or so. we built a bath room in what was a utility/storage room in the back (used to be a porch, best i can figure) which required running plumbing through the foundation (stacked stones) and pulling up the entire floor of the space. the mud room, which also used to be a porch, had to get gutted due to excessive mold in the walls from what appears to be a drier vent leaking in the wall and from where a window used to be located. the mold was so bad that i thought there had been a fire with how the insulation was black and crumbling..

the worst part of the house is the bedroom floor/living room ceiling. the living room has a ceiling that is only 6' high and the bedroom floor sags noticably, about 2.5" over 4'..... going to be fun trying to fix that..

i have done what work i can around the house, my girlfriend's uncle has done most of the work in exchange for a place to stay and the occasional case of beer. would have been a lot farther if the electrician/handyman hadnt taken my money and ran though.

i have done a lot outside though. i made a raised garden from scratch and my girl went nuts planting all sorts of veggies and herbs. i put in a fire pit and cleaned up a lot of the dead branches that were all over my property from when Sandy came through. needless to say, i wont run out of wood for the pit any time soon. i even made a huge compost pile contained with a waddle fence made from a tree/shrub that we cut down.

my next projects include fixing the floor in the bedroom. building new stairs, pulling up the floor boards in the room above the kitchen and laying down a consistant subfloor, using the floor boards, 2x12, to make a dining room table and maybe some other furniture, hanging drywall in the upstairs rooms and mud room, redesigning the kitchen to be functional, and then, once the house is done, i have three outbuildings that need work, two workshops and a garage.

my list just keeps growing, faster than i can keep up, lol.
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