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The Improvement Project

Well after reading some of the things here in this Money forum, I have decided to begin tracking my spending, and figuring out where I have room for improvement. The past few months I have had some heavy expenses in personal items, specifically tools for my shop. While these are an investment, I have enough now where I should really be able to cut back, hopefully. I have been pretty good about saving money up until I left for college, when I was away from home I liked to buy things for home that I wouldn't be using until I got back home, and even then, some of these are collectibles, antiques, etc.

A little bit about me I am working away from home right now, and visit on the weekends. I make very good money (in my opinion) for a 19 year old, at $17.06 an hour, it averages out to about $520 a week after taxes. I will be using excel to track my spending, with the majority of it will hopefully be shifted to gas and groceries over "toys". My hope is that making this "public" will actually drive me to improving, and I do plan on posting statements about where I am spending, how much, and what I have saved up, as I feel this will help me that much more, so if you don't want to look at the numbers, that's fine, just don't look at the updated excel spreadsheets
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If you are going to track things check this thread out

Might make things easier to review in the long run. I used excel before, and this now.
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