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Sprint has a feature on their website that lets you analyze your usage statistics and compare it to your plan and others currently available. I switched from an unlimited to a metered plan based on usage and saved $30 / month or so. Then, later, jumped on a promotional unlimited plan with better terms than my original, and saved another $10ish, plus it will drop even further once my (already existing) 2 year contract expires.
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A: Society sucks

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doing the same thing

think about keeping that house phone though and just cut it down to the very basic so you keep the copper line attached to your house. no caller id no long distance - just minute rate service
should be about 20 a month.
A POTS line phone always works - even when the power goes out
Not so much though when trees take out the lines.
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Update on all this.

I did officially cancel my tv and home phone.

so here's the break down

Audible: $23.00 a month (ouch)
Magazine subscriptions: $2.00 to $4.00 a month, but added up to $23.00 total
Home Phone: $44.50 a month - and I don't use it. Ever. Goodbye verizon.
Cable TV: I was paying $82 a month, cancelled it, got directvnow for only $35 a month. Instant savings, have the same channels.

That's a monthly savings of $128.42 (actual, not rounding number as above).

That's $1,541.04 a year.

Yeah yeah... So what? some might say... but they need to keep reading for the better part.

So that's now found money. You could invest it. or (in my opinion) better yet, put it towards your mortgage. You're mathematically better off investing it but if you're the type to dip into investments, pay it towards your mortgage instead.

Watch this magic:

A $130,000 mortgage over 30 years

That extra payment of only $128.42 will shave off almost 9 years and $34,000 off your mortgage.

That's it, that's all folks. Now go save some money!
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Originally Posted by Painthappy View Post

Do you have other monthly fees such as spotify and you're not using it? Pandora maybe?
I can email ya a free paid version of pandora for android devices... and it will download songs on thumbs up... hacks save lots of money....
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