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Less well known awesome bands from the 90s

So, I like a ton of different music from the 90s. This thread is dedicated to good music in the 90s which most people (or lots of people) never knew about, or were never familiar with.

list a few you like, and if you accidentally list someone we ALL know, you're gonna get trolled for being unoriginal or something like that.

Primal Scream
badass Scottish acid house/experimental/rock band, still making awesome music up to their last album in 2008, which is highly recommended listening.
here's a killer song of theirs from '97, with a good video too:

Econoline Crush
Vancouver-based alternative/industrial rock band, they used to get some good air time around here and did some awesome shows and good albums. good music!
here's one of many wicked tracks from my favorite album of theirs, also '97:

Another really great alternative/industrial sort of post-grunge rock band from the era, from Cleveland. Apparently their shows were really killer. They just put out a new album this year!
some of you might actually recognize this song, it was a strong single back in '95 and I know I've heard it on the radio before here:

The Watchmen
A great Canadian band from Winnipeg, they did really well up here though I'm sure most people never heard of em. Really great sound.
This track I just uploaded to YT cause nobody had it up, it's a later studio remix of one of their greatest singles from '98:

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Fan of EMR
An very underrated and almost unknown band that I discovered totally by accident

The BNR Metal Pages - Search Results
Hailing from Missouri, Anacrusis was one of the best bands that attempted to blend thrash and progressive metal. The debug album (Suffering Hour) featured raw thrash, bordering on death metal, but by the time of their third album (Manic Impressions) the progressive elements had been brought to the fore, resulting in an intense and unique style -- both Impressions* and the fourth (*Screams And Whispers) were landmarks in the progressive thrash field, thanks to excellent songwriting and the unique vocal style of Kenn Nardi. The band unfortunately disbanded some time after that fourth album, with little information as to what future plans the ex-members may have had.
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Didn't Hey Man Nice Shot get played nonstop from 95 to 97? I don't know that I would call Filter a less well known band. They were good though and way better than just the one song.
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I have a funny story about "Sven Gali" I.m sure someone on here will remember them, but i was a huge fan all through my early teen years. They're back together now, and touring again, i think. But for a long time they were broken up.

I used to work at Home Depot in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We had big meetings every few months, the whole store was there, they would hand out our profit sharing checks and introduce new managers and stuff. The one meeting we had, they introduced the new manager Dave. I looked at him...then looked at my buddy sitting beside me and was like "That's Dave Wanless!!!" He was like "Who the **** is Dave Wanless" So i was like, "He's the lead singer of Sven Gali!!!" He didn't believe me, so i started looking around the crowd for my buddy Rob, he was a big Sven Gali fan, too. I saw him, he saw me, we both stood up, made a couple random hand gestures at one another, then at Dave, back at one another, then we both yelled "I KNOW!!!" Than sat back down.

After the meeting I ran out to my car and grabbed my Sven Gali CD, ran back inside, and handed it to him to sign, he looked at the CD and was like "HAHAHA, you know who i am?" Yeah, so the lead singer of Sven Gali was my manager at Home Depot for a couple years. Awesome guy.
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I don't need it in my hands....the picture is right there. Cool thing about pictures: they give you an accurate representation of what something will look like. They've been doing it since 1822, or so I'm told.
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I like "Sand Box"

Sandbox (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sandbox was a Canadian alternative rock band, originally from Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

Bubbles from Trailer Park Boys was in this band
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Morphine were really cool. Saxophone, 2-string slide bass guitar, and drummer.

Unfortunately the singer had a heart attack onstage in 1999 and died.

Chaos, Anacrusis sounds really cool. I'm going to check them out.
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Dixie Dregs. Been around forever. Best live band I've ever seen.

YouTube - Dixie Dregs - Bloodsucking Leeches
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Anyone remember these guys? They're pretty fun. I was big into them when I was in highschool. They're catchy as hell.
Clutch is an American rock band from Germantown, Maryland, formed in 1990. The band's first release was an EP entitled Pitchfork, which debuted in October 1990. Their first studio album, Transnational Speedway League, was released three years later in 1993. To date, Clutch has released nine studio albums, and several rarities and live albums. They now own their own label, Weathermaker.
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I think my sister seen Clutch live actually. said they were awesome.
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