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Steven_Spinosa 12-27-2008 03:12 PM

My first song in I don't know how long- Wayfaring Stranger

Hi there. I wrote this mod using MilkyTracker, a windows "replacement" for Fast Tracker II. Wait. Let me preface this...

Are you 27 or older? Wow. Ok...
Once there were no mp3's. Wait...
Once there was no internet. Wait...
Once there were these things called BBS's. Using them, we posted music that we wrote, because MIDI's sucked (cheesy) and .WAV's were HUGE! (Who could spare those precious megs?). Mods were invented as a halfway point. They stored music like a player piano, in tracks, with tickmarks, on a sheet. The ticks were "punched" with a note, and octave, an instrument ID, and an effect.
The instrument ID called a single sound sample, usually about 2 seconds or less, and distorted it to match the note you requested. It was actual recorded waveform. I could record anything with my microphone, and write a song that was nothing but a 2 second sound clip and a text file.
I've seen 20 minute MODS that were 147 KB. Beat that, MP3.

This was how things were, oh, I'd say about the time of the Tagmaster? Sound right? Definately the mighty P68 pump.

Anyway this song's not done. I still want to put a sitar drone behind it all and pitch blend to match the bass bell. I still also want to put a cello in there making little darting 1/16th notes in a cute little solo. But let me know if you like the main theme, which is all that's done now.

Thanks! Holy poop. It's been 11 years...

going_home 12-29-2008 05:43 AM

YouTube - Wayfaring Stranger - Selah


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