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Need barrel help and suggestions

Ok im getting an etek 3 lt im leaving the marker as is but i want to upgrade the barrel i was looking at the hammer head scenario mofo or get a freak back cause i have freak front and inserts that i use on my phantom.Any other barrels i should look at.
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Since you already have freak stuff, that would be ok. I personally love J&J ceramics. Best barrel for under $70 in my opinion.
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A tube is a tube is a tube. The more money you spend, the more neato bells and whistles your tube will have. Take it from me. I have a drawer full of tubes, and somehow have "favorites", even though they all do the same basic thing. Do that which suits you best aesthetically and financially, in whichever order you prefer.
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One thing I love about my Freak kit. No matter what gun I use, no matter what barrel back it requires, the darn thing shoots the same. You might as well pick up a cocker threaded back to add to the collection.
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just pick up the cocker threaded back its the easiest (and fairly cheap) thing to do. then just leave the .679 insert in there and call it a day. oh maybe buy an extra .679 insert in case you want to let someone use the etek while you use the phantom.
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Yeah. Id have to say Freak as well. I use one about 98% of the time. And that's spanning many many markers... Plus almost everything is 'cocker threaded. Hell I'd buy a 'cocker Freak Back even if I didnt have a marker that needed it. It could save your life one day.
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Custom Products one piece barrels give you the choice of bore size for a good price at $30 a pop.
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Just use the el freaky na na. They're grrrrrrreat
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I would second J&J ceramics. But if you like your Freak setup, then a cocker back would be the way to go.
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I might wait for that E-tek to come in before I started buying barrels for it, PE's stock barrels aren't half bad.

Even though I'm not a Freak guy, if you've already got the parts it'd almost be silly not to get a 'Cocker back and be done with it.
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