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you want to be about .003 to about .005 under the blow test. so that depends on your local paint.
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Originally Posted by CarbineKid View Post
Is there a size thats universally accepted for pump play? I know for semis the 688 or 689 works well
We can't tell you that with absolute certainty. It depends on the paint in your area. Personally, I'm shooting between .678-.682 paint here. Some people generally get paint even smaller, the lucky ones get paint thats still .684 or better. I would say that around .680 is a good starting point, but there's no way to tell you "this will work for you, guaranteed"

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If I remember correctly, the current school of thought on underboring says that you can underbore from .003-.006 without adverse effects...
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What state are you located? Or field you play at? That would give us an idea of bore size to suggest to you. I use python, freak, check it bore kits. Mostly for me is 682 to 684 in northeast ohio
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one thing i just recently noticed with my new pump is that if you underbore by too much it tends to cause a little resistance in the final chambering of the ball. Granted the paint i was using (DXS bronze) was varying by alot but just something to think of when trying to underbore
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Personally, I've got two kits. I've got a full Hammerhead 5 fin kit for my MoFo barrel. (Don't forget about muzzles if that's an option.) It works well and I have no complaints.

However, I do like the TechT iFit 9 piece barrel boring kit. I have three backs for various markers and that really provides a lot of versatility when sizing.

Personally, I don't underbore too much but I'm thinking of testing it out a bit more.
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I use a .680 or .676 lapco sizer on my ultralite (.688) or even on my .682 freak. I rarely see paint around here that doesn't roll out of my .682 and sometimes have rollouts in the .680.
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Looks like Eigenbarrels are finally back in stock after almost half a year.
Get them while you can.
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