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I have been interested in paintball for less than a year. I got into it by following certain youtube bloggers like cockerpunk, mike, and tyger. I found mcarterbrown (which I love reading) while watching a cockerpunk blog. So why is he banned? I saw his post on a really old thread, and it says his profile is banned. It is hard to imagine him being offensive.
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Originally Posted by jellyghost View Post
It is hard to imagine him being offensive.
then lurk more you must
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Originally Posted by heinous View Post
then lurk more you must
I can't even find him at all. Normally it shows members even if they're banned, but he's completely gone.

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He was banned for constantly being an argumentative prick, essentially.
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It wasn't that he was argumentative. It was the personal attacks he threw in whenever someone disagreed.
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I guess the main point is, there is nowhere on the internet you'll find a better group of guy's than MCB. Even more so if you turn that user name green and really get to know people. Sure we have some opinionated people on here, it is the interweb. But for the most part we all get along pretty well.
So imagine what a giant D-bag you have to be to get banned..... I'm not saying anything bad about the person in question, I like his video's, but a lot of paintball is about opinion and preference. At the end of the day if someone disagrees with you, there is a button on the bar on top of your screen you can click, so you don't have to read what they post.
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Originally Posted by Deathwish_DW View Post
Become a gun whore.


It pays very well.
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cockerpunk was being a cocky punk

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He was here, and now he isn't. Let the matter lie how is. I'm locking this because I don't want people piling on him when he can't come and defend him self.
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