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Originally Posted by GtrLvr View Post
The only thing modern markers lack is strength and durability. Take a good core sample with both and the new will break, whereas the old will break you, and keep shooting for another decade. I can't see modern markers being used a lot in another 20 years the way guns from 15-20 years ago are still all over the field now. Just like you will see more classic trucks on the road than dodge neons.
I've had no issues at all and wouldn't be remotely worried about any of my modern markers. Strength isn't just a function of excess material.

Although I keep around plenty of older markers because I love them.
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Yes, some of it is quality related. I highly doubt that we will see a lot of ions running around in 20 years.

But another factor is just the availability of spare parts. The reason you see so many cockers and mags still running is not because a mag is super awesome quality compared to a luxe for example, it's because there are a ton of spare parts available for mags.

Mags and cockers were made for years and years and for the most part all of the parts are interchangeable between all the years/models. A 3 way is a 3 way is a 3 way at least when it comes to its ability to fit on my autococker wether it be a '97 base model or an '09 SFL.

Most of the newer guns it seems are only made for a few years and then they are redesigned and the parts are no longer interchangeable. This makes it harder to keep these guns up and running.

Just my two cents.
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Has this been posted yet? This is what happened in the last 10 years.

Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
DeuceSV has been waxing cars for ten years now, and he still doesn't know karate.
Originally Posted by magnificent7 View Post
When DeuceSV takes a date out to a restaurant, he refuses to be seated. He simply eats all complementary mints by the cash register & leaves.
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
DeuceSV is the change we can believe in, but he isn't interested in running for office at all.
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needed that laugh thank you.
Formerly Got_Paint.
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Originally Posted by Wraith View Post
I'll get my 'cocker, and you grab your space gun, and we'll toss both in a bucket of water before the game. See which works after.

Modern markers still have just as many issues as older markers, they're just different issues. I'd rather troubleshoot 'cocker timing over electrical issues on a modern marker any day.

Not to mention that 90% of the 'features' on modern markers are just cheat modes, IMHO. I fully admit my bias, though.
Why would anyone throw their gun in a bucket of water intentionally. I was at the Pomona PSP where it was knee high in water all of our guns worked just fine. If you have the Facefull magazine there is a great solo shot of me in that water.

Guns worked great. I like old cockers and have been collecting them for years. Truth be told once the Intimidator came to the scene, specifically the GZ Intimidator there really hasn't been any real advancement since then.
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Originally Posted by DeuceSV View Post
Has this been posted yet? This is what happened in the last 10 years.
"In 1998 Smart Parts introduced ramping into the sport of paintball"
...I honestly didn't know that was thanks to SP...
Oh well, at least they didn't go patent crazy, and make it where a certain great company can never produce markers again...
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