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Ok this happened a little while ago, I thought it would be good to get some input.

My dad and I were playing this past summer, at a field running their weekly open day.

My dad was in a bunker, a team of 2, people decided to take the bunker, one open up to keep his head down. While the others plan was to make him surrender. (which isn't something my dad does to willingly)

Also my dad wasn't the dumbest person ever, he head the shots randomly hitting, he knew someone was moving up on him, so he kneels down in the corner. Points the his gun the only way that anyone could come around.

The guy comes around the corner, says surrend.... looking down the barrel of my dads gun. My dads only words where "buddy I think we are both out"

This sent the other guy into a temper tantrum, honesty it looked like a 2 year old who didn't get want he wanted at the store. This guy I would have to say was late 20 early 30. During a woodsball game.

Now the ref kind of sided with the other guy, because he said (half of a surrender)

I was watching because was on my way out when it happened... I was waiting for my dad to grab the guy crush him then walk away.

To consider, the 10 foot rule is a consideration rule, at this field. You ask, they have the option. So in all rights my dad could have shot him at about 1 foot away in the head. Do to this situation I'm sure next time he will. (unless it is a small kid or something.)

So, this isn't really covered... so give some input. I think what my dad did was right, instead of shotting the person at point blank. What do you think?
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I side with your dad. The ref was an idiot. Definately a double out OR big ugly welts. That guy should have been thankful it wasn't the latter.
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What really gets me is that this guy was a regular at the field, that I never thought would have acted like that. I've read his posts on the forums, seems to get along with everyone. I guess his ego was shot down.
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In that situation it should have been a double out since surrender from BOTH players was offered and both players were ready for the other.

I understand why fields have the 10 foot rules but a little common sense goes a long way from both staff and players. Your father did the “right” thing, but not what I would have done. This is not saying I would have done the “wrong” thing, but that I would have done something different. I don’t offer surrenders at commercial fields. I would have shot the other player as he came around the bunker.

You simply can’t rely on Refs making the right calls or other players doing the right thing. And this goes in both directions. I don’t run up to bunkers and offer surrenders, I come shooting. It didn’t take many times of me offering surrenders and being shot by a startled bunker holder to learn it just isn’t worth it.

I play with honor and don’t over shoot my opponents, but I do SHOOT them. If I think I have time enough to offer a surrender I will simply touch them instead and call them out that way. But there must be some contact, either by paint or by my marker or hand. Unless that happens most of the time folks will simply act as if nothing happened and they will shoot at you.

I hope your father learned something from this… eliminate the possibility of conflict, SHOOT the other player.
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I agree with the barrel tag idea. Most people understand that they are out that way, and they're less likely to turn and try to shoot you when they know they've been had. Nobody wants to get shot from point blank, but you have to tag them out somehow, not ask them to volunteer. The honor of recieving an invitation to surrender is earned, not given, because it signals that the player who offered it respects you enough to trust you'll do the right thing and take it.
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I know I would never offer a double surrender nor give up when offered one. I have many amusing surrender stories resulting from various folks doing it wrong like the guy who cried. I offer them the chance with the caveat if the do anything but surrender they are getting popped, if I am the aggressor. If they are coming up on me, it's on. I may not be able to dodge, But I bet I can get you out before you can get a good aim on me
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I agree totally with Sam. If bunkering is allowed at a field I shoot. I generally avoid close quarters when bunkering is not allowed. I have had people surrender on their own though, I don't really understand that, but aparantly some people lose the will to fight when a 6'1" 300lb. dude crashes through the underbrush with some PPS brass.
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I really hate the players that have to send way too many extra balls at their target when they know they have them dead to rights.
If your such a "pro" you should be able to place your shot well enough and not have to use a dozen to prove your point. Your dad was the better man that day not arguing the matter or losing his temper.
I may surrender if you get me, or maybe not.
Depending on the player or my general mood I may give you the option to surrender, in general I would offer a surrender just cause I'm such a nice guy.
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In general I offer a surreneder, when I come to someone back to, or side on and they do not see me. Running up to a bunker and telling someone to surrender when they are waiting for you, or doing it when you don't have a clear shot, pretty much just cheating. Most people would give in anways because they don't want to get shot that close.
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