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Originally Posted by CoyoteTrang View Post
my vote is vforce profiler, it's pretty sleek, close to the face, good coverage, never fogged for me yet and i've had it 2 years, no fans, fogtech, mods etc. with the thermal lens it's about 80-90 bucks so it's pretty affordable. i hear good things about the vio contour as well but that's around 140-150 with the lens.
Seconded. Love my Profiler, also great for people with bigger heads.
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My primary mask is a Sly/Annex MI-7 Thermal. ($37 retail) I've had it for 3 years now, and even with a compromised thermal layer that lens has only fogged a couple times in literally the most extreme situations. Great facial and head coverage. For whatever reason there is a lot of animosity toward this brand, but personally, i have never had those issues with it...if i had, it would not be the mask that i wear 85% of the time (i help run a local field and i travel to lots of big scenario events in my tri-state)

I also have a VForce Grill. Less great facial and head coverage. ($80+)
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Another +1 for the eflex
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Love my profiler. Just recently replaced the strap and last year replaced the thermal clear lens ($25 on amazon).

I have the cool spiky visor top thing instead of the sun-visor and it does a good job of getting some head bounces in and protecting your forehead.

If you can though, go to a shop and try on as many masks as you can. They don't all fit the same head the same way, no matter how amazing the mask is it might not be the best fit for you.
I like Spyders.
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I've been using JT's for a couple decades. I have three Pro-Flexes now. Love 'em.
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With everyone having problems with lenses I dont think jt's will be the go to anymore unless they get it together
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Originally Posted by psycho91 View Post
With everyone having problems with lenses I dont think jt's will be the go to anymore unless they get it together
Remember, " everyone" is a handful of guys on the internet. Many of us have not seen these problems yet. I'll be keeping an eye out, but my newer lenses have not had issues.

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I use an old JT proteus, and it has beaten out the new masks in my collection.
The Helix is a good mask for occasional play.
My least favorite is the Sly Profit. I bought it new, and it is really hard to have a conversation because it muffles your ears too much.
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+1 for the VForce Profiler. I have owned my for ten years and was happy to see they still sold replacement parts.

It's not the nicest or newest thing on the market but hard to beat for the money.
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as for someone that has glass. best option of mask would be try them on to see how they fit first you can. other than that go with what they said. since mask might fit one person really good. where another it might not feel good to that person.
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