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open bolt design worries.

After using my Diablo Slayer in two or three days of paintball now im concerned with the open bolt design and the areas and way i play. Its not uncommon for me to dive over a bunker into a tuck in roll or belly crall through bushes to advance unseen. I can see dirt getting in the bolt and down by the ram as the day progresses. Its minimal and i dont seem to have any firing issues on the feild but afterward when i go to strip down and clean the marker i can see the tiny marks it leaves inide the body. Especially on the bolt. Its all scratched up from sliding back and forth across sand and the inner body of the gun. Its bugging me but i want to be sure my brain isnt trying to use this as an excuse to buy a new marker with an enclosed bolt. Ive been salivating over a DM5 or DM6 or Minion or somethin.
I see so many high end markers with the open bolt design. I figure it cant be too big an issue. Im really hard on my marker though. Do you see the above problem really effecting the efficientcy of the marker, or i guess more importantly, effecting the life of the marker?
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It's not uncommon to have the wear/scratch marks on the top of the bolt from where it passes under the feedneck. Almost all guns will have this regardless of open or closed bolt.

If you think about it, it'd be pretty hard to get dirt into the breech area, unless dirt got into your hopper.
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I noticed the scratches your refering to as well. This marker in particular has very rough edges around the breech. Ive actually considered poslishing these but i dont have a dremel yet and its a little hard to get down in there with sandpaper. The scratches i was worried about were towards the back of the bolt and more importantly inside the body of the marker. Not to mention just the extra friction caused by debri. Im probably concerned for nothing. I would probably find a way to get dirt inside the closed bolt design markers as well, heh.
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Oh, you mean an EXPOSED bolt....

Open and closed normally applies to normal rest position of the bolt under the feedneck. Like autocockers are a "closed bolt" design and Nelson based pumps are a "closed bolt" design While most others have the bolt back and the feedneck open until you pull the trigger. THose being "open bolt" designs.

If your area is really sandy and you play that way then there's no doubt that sand or dirt getting in through the exposed rear of the upper bore will wear things out sooner rather than later.

But far be it for me to give you justification to buy a new marker and thus promote your introduction to rampant gun whoring....
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If you are crawling that deep in cover, you got to share secrets of how you tunnel to get that much dirt in there.

You should be fine. Bolt scarring happens on many guns.
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heheh its all in the long mole like fingers.
Anyway, yah, i meant exposed bolt.
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I shoot an (exposed bolt) Ego and haven't had any problems. There is wear on the bolt, but it doesn't affect performance. Don't be fooled though, the Matrix's (and Shockers too I believe) also have an opening leading to the bolt. It's a on the back of the marker's endcap.
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You should be fine, my friend (team-mate) Ryan (back of his jersey says kamikaze) basically when pours sand into his marker three ways. One is through the exposed bolt, another through the hopper, and the third is through the barrel. I'm not sure if that says anything about exposed bolt makers or the duralbility of an alias intimidator but you can find him and ask him in person he's the one usually covered in sand when playing rec-ball.

Look forward to seeing you this weekend and I can possibly take a look at your marker if you get there early enough.

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I prefer an enclosed bolt such as an Automag, Angel, or Shocker. Granted I do have exposed bolt markers, and haven't noticed them being dirtier at the end of the day, but it is better safe then sorry. That and to me, something like the Angels rotobreech is just so much more elegant than a pin in the bolt.

That being said I prefer closed bolt (as in firing position) due to the fact that Detents are not really required for proper operation, and many detents are a wear item and I think it is best to avoid wear items in design.
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Since you are a newish player id suggest holding off on such a large gun purchase just yet. You gotta remember that those guns should have extra support equipment to be used. for example HPA, Pods and pack, Motorized hopper. Granted you could use a gravity feed hopper and feed at 7-9 BPS while this is more than adequate some will get the itch to expand their BPS rates.

Please if you get the itch to buy a closed bolt and well sealed gun with tons of accuracy and even more of the sneaky bastard mindset "have some class and use some brass". Mind you nothing will grow you as a player as fast or faster than using pump guns with diligence and practice.
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