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c0nfusi0n 05-17-2009 03:06 AM

Hi i am new to stock class
I am not really a new player but i am new to stock class semi got a little boring just need so tips on how i should start playing stock class.

hellbatman 05-17-2009 03:58 AM

Get to know your marker. How many GOOD shots does your marker get to a 12G? How far can you make it off the break? Are you going to be all alone or will you pair off with a Semi or Open Class player? How will you carry your 10 round tubes/12G's[capped harness...capless harness...ammo pouch]?

All things you would want to know...there are undoubtedly a bunch more things I cant think of at 1am pacific time...but thats a pretty good start.
Also...gotta ask that you be sure to have a "Trash Pouch" for those empty 12G's! I am always afraid of hitting one on the run...though it would make a great blooper reel...

idkfa 05-17-2009 08:41 AM

You need to fully utilize every single advantage your marker and setup provide you with. Assuming you are in reasonable physical shape, there is no reason to be a slow stock class player. You should try to be the most mobile player on the field, which should not be that hard given the light load you carry.

I find being able to shoot switch is invaluable in general, but especially so with stock class play. I would suggest practicing with your off hand a lot, even forcing yourself to play a few games entirely opposite (except when you need your other, primary hand).

Practice shooting, a lot. If you are really looking to be competitive on the field, I would almost suggest staying with one marker for a while and not using anything else. This will make you most comfortable with your setup. Once you are finding you can aim and hit targets with your stock class gun with impunity, you can always reintroduce other markers (if you own more than one) later. If you can afford the paint/air, I would shoot as much as you can at the range just to become comfortable with the marker when you first get it. Then you can hit the field and get some real game practice.

Don't feel bad shooting a lot, but make them count. I personally don't think it matters if it takes one shot or ten shots to eliminate someone, as long as your shots were meaningful. Don't be afraid to provide cover/suppression fire if you have to. Along with this, see the next point.

Practice reloading, both paint and 12 grams. Find a harness you like and get fast at loading your marker from tubes. I personally don't like dump pouches, I just put them into the pockets of my paintball pants. Find a method to reload 12 grams that feels comfortable and fast to you, and stick with it.

As 'hellbatman' mentioned, know your marker. You will quickly be able to tell that your shots are dropping in velocity, and when you should change.

And finally (at least what I can think of at the moment), reload paint/air whenever you can, not when you need to. Even if your marker can get 30 good shots off a 12 gram and you have only shot 20, if you are anticipating a fire fight you might want to change out.

chrislognshot 05-17-2009 09:12 AM

one other question what type of stock class you playing too. if stick feed and with changer. you need to learn how to fast feed and quick change. when at bunker do not stay in same spot all time move from time to time in same bunker. they way will not know what side of bunker popping out to do your snap shoots. when walking the field for first time look around at the bunker you see if some have blind spot or not great for cover to since to wide open with not much room for cover too. just take you time for few games and try things out. when i first started back into play stock class i start to see how far shoot and what where my limits on what i can and can't do. do not get in over head at start or might get over whelm too. one good thing to do is get snap shooting down good too.

Killa_x 05-17-2009 03:27 PM

movement, communication, knowing you're gear/setup and how to use it/maintain it.

this is whats going to help you become a better pump player, and better playing in general.

oggfueler 05-17-2009 05:01 PM

Everyone has you covered with their responses. :thumbup:

and I cannot stress snapshooting and being able to shoot switch!

rathbaster 05-17-2009 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by oggfueler (Post 827477)
Everyone has you covered with their responses. :thumbup:

Actually they forgot one very important point.

Be prepared to loose and loose often for a while.
Playing with a pump is generally hard and a stock class gun harder.
Learning to play stock class effectively is difficult.
I've seen many give it up for this very reason.


Pa!ntba!!er2011 05-27-2009 06:53 PM

I am new to it, too. I have learned that all the points mentioned ahead are extremely important. I moved from electro to mech to pump then to stock class in a period of about two months. Every step down made the game more interesting. You must learn to use what you have.

Nothing beats the feeling of one-balling a guy with an electro from 40 yards away in the goggles.:gunsfiring:

WorrFighter 05-28-2009 12:24 AM

Welcome to hardcore paintball. ;)

Driek 05-28-2009 12:37 PM

If you really get into stock class look here:

The Joyride Pack is sex.

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