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What to buy?

Im not really new to the sport I'm new to the sight. and this is a repeat thread so I can get some more opinions on what to do...i have posted this on A5OG and InvertOG and now here

Well I had to return the MINI due to multiple problems with the gun and the seller. the seller refused to fix the "mint condition" gun so i am returning it for a full refund. $465

I have about $700 laying around and start working wednesday at $8 an hour.
so in about 4 weeks ill have roughly $2000

So this is where I want all your great ideas on how to spend the money.

What new spacegun? ....
I like the mini, REV-i, SL94, and the victory. the thought to wait till 2010 to get a new gun has crossed my mind a few times but only problem is the first run of most guns have flaws.
id be waiting for the DMX (new Dye gun), new EGO, or new DP if they release a new gun....

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you should buy my mini... and my sheridan... and my mag... basically buy all my stuff ...

anyways welcome to MCB.... watch your wallet (if you stay here long) and dont go the space gun route.... go old school mag.....

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Seconded the mag, I have one and it's DEFINITELY worth the money. Besides, with all the mods that you can do to any mag no matter the age, I'm sure that $2,000 won't be burning a hole for very long...
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A nice ULE body pneumag would be where I would drop that kinda coin...if I had it..and if I was going to spend it on a semi, hell for 2k$ you could get one with all the fancy trimmings you could imagine for a mag I'd bet.

*starts chant...mag mag mag mag mag mag mag*
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If you have 2k to spend, it really doesn't matter what you buy. It'll be sweet. Rev-i, SL94, Victory, Luxe, the new Impulse, whatever. It'll work great, and you probably will have few problems with it. Personally, I'd go with the SL94, but I'm what some would call an Ego fanboy(as is just about every speedballer in Colorado) so I'm a little biased.
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If I had $2000 I would look for something really unique that holds its value All of those new guns aren't going to be worth half what you paid for them in a year or two. Something like a CnC X-mag, Tuna Emag, or one of those totally custom AKA pieces that pop up here occasionally is what I would go with. Now those are guns that are battle tested and turn heads, and if you don't like it just sell it for exactly what you paid for it.
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Wait for the 2010's to come out then pick up an '09 for less money. Or wait and see what the next gen Timmy is going to be.
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Bob Long Victory looks badass
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I might be the only one to say this, but don't spend more than $400-500 of that money on paintball. Put the rest in savings for a rainy day or buy assets. Paintball guns are not assets.
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Out of what you listed get the Victory.

I just got a Vice today and it is amazing!

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