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I stopped using them when I won a bid, and then they said they didn't have it. They said they would give me a credit. The next day the item they said they no longer had went back on bid. After 4 weeks of emails and smack talk of got my 88 ci HPA tank... they shipped it with 200psi on it. I will never use them again.

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IIsports marked me on ebay for non-payment, and then after I proved to them that I had indeed sent the payment, they still would not drop their complaint against me on ebay. Of course ebay sides with them because they generate revenue for ebay.

Also like others have said they charge so much for shipping that when you receive your broken/mis-represented/completely wrong item...they still make a profit off shipping when you return the item.

In general IIsports is out to make a buck at your expense while providing the worst possible service. They are not here for the sport and industry's advancement.

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there a talk about them on AO right now
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Well, I have purchased two items from them recently: JT HiTop cleats and a Ronin stock class harness.

Surprisingly, no problems. Even the JT Cleats (which I have NEVER seen in my size (12) new or used through anyone in about 5 years) came in as advertised - Brand New in Box.

Believe me, I'm not going to make a habit of ordering from them, but I actually didn't have a problem.
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I also recently put in an order with them with no problems. Picked up and barrel front an back and it arrived at my door in 3 days. While it may not be the first place i look for an item, if they have something I can not find elsewhere i wouldn't hesitate to order again.

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i've ordered a good deal of stuff from them. only had two issues, got send a black cocker body instead of blue and got mini pump arms instead of full length. they fixed those problems faster than any other seller i've dealt with in the last ten years.
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Originally Posted by poppa merc View Post
Too bad Ebay does not disclose who are drop shippers from real paintball sellers. What's that saying "Yous pay ur money and take ur chances" but with 100+% feedback!!!
The reason is that Dropshipping is not allowed on ebay. Its right in the user agreement. You have to physically have the item you are selling in inventory.

But clearly ebay makes -NO- attempt to police the dropships on ebay because they represent a MASSIVE amount of business (and profit).

Apart from backorders, another reason to NEVER buy from a dropshipper is most tend to fold because of Paypal also does not allow dropshipping, and will always favor the buyer in a dispute. THe problem for buyers is that this kills the cash flow for the dropshipper, and he can no longer run his business, often leaving you without money AND your item.

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NEVER order from I&I they will charge you and arm and a leg for shipping. It is however advisable to pass by their Carson store from time to time and scrounge through the bins, do not make eye contact with Jerry "the Cocker Doctor" and NEVER let him touch your marker.

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Just got this email from them. Prime example of my point, its a great place to dig through the bins but I would never buy from them online:

I&I Sports Annual Parking Lot SUPER SALE!

"Retail Store Only"

OCT.3 8am-Noon

48ci 3000psi HPA Tank $29.99 (Limit 1)

Refurb Electronic Loader $9.99 (Limit 1)

Guns from $9.99 • Case Paint $20 • Jerseys $9.99 • Pants $9.99 Tees $1 • JT Cleats $9.99 • JT & Empire Casual Wear 80% OFF!

Select MARTIAL ARTS Weapons, Books, DVDs 25%-75% OFF!

Select AIRSOFT AEG, Springers, Gas Pistols 20%-50% OFF!

Bring this flyer into Store for a FREE 9oz CO2 Tank!

* Redeem in Store after 11am on October 3, 2009 ONLY! Free with any purchase. Limit: 1 per household. No Rainchecks!

19751 S Figueroa St, Carson CA 90745

Tel: 310-715-6800 Fax: 310-715-6822

Mon-Wed & Sat: 11am–6pm Thur: 11am-7pm Fri: 11am-8pm Sun: Noon–5pm

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i was going to put in a large order from there eby store but i decided not to because they would not combine shipping. all my stuf would have fit in a flat rate box but they were going to charge me well over 50 bux in shipping!
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