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nel-spot 007 stuck hammer\bolt

Hey guys

Finnaly got my hands on a nel-spot 007, test fired it, everything worked great, dissasembled and polished everything.

when i put it back together the bolt seemed is seized

i have tried everything that i can think of but nothing seems to work

its and older 007 with the quick clean mod done to the bottom of the body

the bolt and hammer move fine when there is no spring in it

it feels like the bolt is moving on an angle when pumping causing it to jam
before fulling cocking

any ideas would be wonderful
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OK, this is why "anti-kink" internals were invented. Because the sear latches the bolt in one place, the pressure from the compressed spring causes the bolt and hammer to seperate opposite the sear. This seperation causes drag and in exterme cases, inability to move the bolt/hammer assembly into "battery". You'll need to unlatch the sear from the bolt, and remove the internals. You could use a weaker main spring, but I reccomend aftermarket internals. Phantom, LAPCO or used AGS/TASO will do nicely. Plus you;ll get the added feature of adjustable velocity internals. Dan Bacci (Welcome to should have what you need if you're looking for "classic" parts. Titus (Celanis Paintball) could get you a set of Phantom internals which with a little modification would change this old tired Nelly into a real heartbreaker. It's amazing what a 3 hole valve tube can do to a Nelly, not to mention a set of refined internals.
Good Luck, post or PM me if'n you need more help.
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Yea I was afraid of that. all new internal was my next step

your post was very usefull

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When swaping the sears, you will have to file away a small bit on the nelly sear. There is too much 'meat' near the hole where the sear pin goes. It wont take much and is easy to do by hand but is needed to let the sear line up properly.
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@stilgar thanks il keep that in mind
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the CCI phantom internals are also plated to prevent rust, and reduce friction. the powertube is stainless steel and the valve/powertube is a very reliable design while also providing good flow/performance and shot count per cartridge. (this is why we use them in the Retro 7... and they are produced in regular quantity)
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you might have problems with phantom sears unless you swap them out to your nelspot internal sears.

i have lapco internals in mine, didn't need to change anything about them, so those would be another option for you.

actually, never had kinking troubles with stock internals either...
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