Outlaw / Private Fields Playing paintball in your backyard or other non-business run field

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Renegade : Paint and Air faqs

Hey all - I'm loving this new forum.. and while ive been a pretty avid outlaw baller for 20+ years, I have already picked up a few juicy tidbits I hadn't considered from the groups and players chiming in on these boards over the past week - great stuff yall.

For the renegade players out there: do yall byop? byoa? what yall shooting? whats air costing you? compressors? scubas? leased co2?

What paint distributors / manufacturers cater to the "premium" back-yard market? e.g., And why cant I get in my car and go pick up a bag / case of marbilizer, hell fire, rps premium, evil? Why do the manufactures seem to think I need to go to a field to buy paint and pay for the value added aspects the field offers when I only want the paint and none of the valued added? What is yall's solution to this dilemma? Ill buy a lot of stuff online - but paint isn't one of them... I like to at least look at the box and preferably inspect the bags before I purchase. ditto eggs, car, shoes.
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Air: Even though we don't have any local "real" fields, there are some places that we can get Co2. There's a hobby shop in the next town over that does good fills for a good price. There are some hunting/fishing stores that do OK fills for an OK price. Two of our guys have got their own CO2 tanks that they do fills from...but they don't always play and can't always bring the big tank for us to rely on.

I've also got a scuba tank for HPA that I fill at a SCUBA shop not far from here.

Paint: Paint's a different story. I think this is one of those areas that just aren't great. Because of the hobby shop, we do have access to some higher end paint....but at higher end prices. Most of the guys we play with aren't going to pay that for paint. We see lots of Walmart paint. The upside is that Walmart paint has been upgraded over the last couple years. We used to have much more problems. When Monsterballs were still out there we had a strict ban on those where we play.

There would still be the option of buying a bulk order of decent paint from someone like Titus. Downside is we don't really play enough or with enough consistancy to have paint sitting around to justify that size of an order.

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All the guys I play with chip in for a Co2 Fill Station. Costs about $20 to lease each month.

Then BYOP. If someone doesn't have any we'll each give him like 100 rounds.
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My favorite paint for byop/private games is nelson anarchy, I used to buy direct from nelson online, but that gets damn expensive. Titus is now my paint supplier, much cheaper for the same paint . . . Hell yeah! As far as air goes I only use 12ies, espically for outlaw/woodsball games.
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For paint it's byop. An there two factions. Those you shoot cheap and those who shot highend. High being marbs and premium an low being walmart.
I'd say it's split abou 30/70 on high to low.
We have two bulk tanks we own and get filled ourselfs. For air I bought a compressor last year and fill multiple scones to cascade and I'm slowly building a nice single station like most commercial fields. We fill to 3000 and would love to go to 4500but the extra cost right now is not in the cards. After the fill station is setup I'll upgrade to a 4500 compressor. To me using a booster isn't worth it considering a booster costs 1k for a good one and that money would be much better off invested into a new compressor.
5 bucks all day air. To pay for the gas and other odds and ends we need for it.
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My friends and I have it easy KEE and Valken are 20-30 minutes away from us so we just buy paint from them.

As for air a teammate has a fill station and most of us use 12 grams.
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Co2: Find a big tank, 20lb or 55lb tank. Stores going out of business, auctions, welding shop sales, etc. Filling them is different, it's a swap and leave rather than filling the tank. Costs around $30 for my 20lb to be filled. Factor in fuel, traveling, etc. if you're going to attempt to turn a profit.

Paint: It depends who you know & that's important.
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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
Hey all - I'm loving this new forum...
I like it as well because lets admit it, we all have played a little outlaw ball before.

Originally Posted by thumper
For the renegade players out there: do yall byop? byoa? what yall shooting? whats air costing you? compressors? scubas? leased co2?
Usually it is a free for all with the group I play with, we bring our own paint and air/co2. I have told the guys that if I start to see some junk paint being used that it won't be allowed to be used again until proven to be of a better quality. Myself, well I buy from the local paintball store for both my paint and fills. I just get their field grade as I haven't had any issue with it and nobody has complained. My brother-in-law has a habit of buying from Wal-Mart and sometimes Dick's Sporting Goods. It seems that the Wal-Mart paint is getting better but still like any case of paint you need to check the bags. I'm starting to get into using the 12 grams for a couple of my markers and so I have just bought from Wal-Mart for the time being.

If someone runs out, we do share and expect it in return for the next time. I'm fortunate that the guys I play with, while the ages vary, are actually really chill and honest. I've called myself out on bounces before just due to they were a clean hits and for the most part they hurt like hell because it was almost always on my hands. At that point I'm no good anyways because my hand is all numb and no goof to me for the next couple of minutes.
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The same goes for the Splattttttt land group and calling out on bounces, esp when you know it should have broken. Isn't it nice to play with good mannered, well behaved adults in a friendly setting. You know good clean American fun, shooting at each-other!
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For us its all byop. And for air when I play at a field that charges an arm and a leg to play I make sure and fill all my tanks when they're offering free refills. If not my local paintball shop keeps my wallet empty.
On the subject of Holy water paintballs:
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I can see it now, a mini van full of priests going 80mph through a suburb blasting metallica....
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