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New Angel Goggle System

Already posted on a couple other forums.

They look freaking awesome. But I just know they're going to be too damn short for grown-up faces.

Here's the hype so far:
Some details:

Angel ORBITAL lens technology creates unparalleled levels of lateral and longitudinal ocular perfection.

Has EYE quick release mechanism: This patented design is unique to paintball and allows superfast lens replacement.

The unique design of the EYE lower face-plate reduces reverb and voice echo while generating optimum vocal clarity.

Comms Ready. The removable, soft touch, ear protection shields incorporate
pre-moulded comms channels allowing quick and easy comms
attachment. Built-in, strategic, sound wave ergonomics help
audible range at all frequencies (for those of us not using comms).
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That is freakin awesome. It looks so different, I love it. Hell I'm going to wear that when I bike to work. People will be like WHARGARBL a robot!
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That has style to burn. I must try it.
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Holy mother... I need one of these!
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Needs a visor to be more Master chief like. (that and I always wear visors).

Ooh, no forward looking vents. No more paint in the mouth?
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It looks cool, but it also looks like yet another mask that doesn't cover your whole face.
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I want to say that the lens is absolutely hideous, but need to see it from other angles. Why do they come so far up on the sides? Just like the Grill, WTF is up with the dip right where the dome shot happens?

I want to see on on a persons face to see how they look because it's just so different from everything else.
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Wowsers, that's a new look. Any pictures on a person? Definitely looks cool, but I feel like anyone without a really wide, flat face is going to have their chin sticking way out of the bottom.
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Okay, I'm a sneaky woodsball type so they wouldn't work for my regular style of play.

But, those are probably the coolest goggles I've ever seen.
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Those look pretty cool.

Price probably gonna be pretty steep.
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