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First show on satellite pursuit channel and the second show on take what you can get!

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Awesome, just checked it out...I ended up watching a bit of Soccer. Got the best quality and no lag or buffering...I plan on watching as much paintball that weekend as possible, since I wont be there this year.
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Very cool. How do I view on my 360?

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Originally Posted by Pif View Post
Very cool. How do I view on my 360?
I believe there is a download you have to install from the Video Marketplace.

On a side note, look for me, referee number 19 running around on field #1!
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I thought it was going to be on the Ocho..

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Originally Posted by Zondo View Post
I thought it was going to be on the Ocho..
I cant stop laughing

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My ISP sucks!!!

Edit: May be able to stream this through a free trial to my Xbox360. Yay!

Edit: Edit: still requires ISP.
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xbox download will be the way to go, you can watch it on a full tv instead of just a computer.
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Anyone know if they are selling tickets there. (i'm local and would prefer to pay "at the gate")

Sorry, kinda off topic

Anyways, this is good publicity

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its on hope its great
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