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Originally Posted by Detachment Bravo View Post
One issue I have with that analogy is the performance gap implied. The performance gap between a CSL and one of the $300 electros? Not that big.

I have no problem with value-added products; prestige items like the Garg, Duck. Just don't claim that because the thing is plated in gold it makes it perform better. If you plate something in gold, then it's plated in gold. That's it. Shiny.
The performance gap example was used illistrate the point more clearly, As some may not know if I used a lesser reference to a performance model of a more common production model.
Prestige and limited editions factor into some peoples choices. I for one WAIT specifically for the SL model. So I get the best technology offered for the year.
Look at it this way. The Ego itself is $1250. Add the barrel Kit, Both Valve guides, both triggers, more detailed milling, dual bolts. and the cost of those items quickly adds up to the difference in cost. IMO the differences are worth it. Its not like they are just remilling the 11 and saying here pay more. (Ex. the 06 guns. The SL66, Dark Ego, Pevs, Nexus. All virtually the same gun without the additional extras.

Originally Posted by foughtwolf View Post
Remember when Angels cost that much? Those used to actually be somewhat more advanced in at least some respects, and you got something that hadnt been milled down to absolutely nothing, and even then that price was outlandish.

Good luck, PE. In this economy, with a marker that would almost be worth the cost of your normal Ego at that cost, thats nuts.
Milling is where the cost comes from. The detailed work that is done and engineering costs are figured in, as I mentioned above so are the extras in the box.
I'm sure Eclipse will have NO problems selling these. It's pretty rare that the SL model doesn't sell.
I'm guessing you like many of us though would like to see the releases spaced out more and Eclipse has heard us, The Geo, and Etek are not annual releases. The Ego has also been moved to the non-annual release as of the CSL/Ego11.
Jack Wood straight up said, NO Ego12.

Originally Posted by Bigtuana View Post
The performance difference from a porsche racecar and a ferarri racecar isn't that big but the price definitely is.

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