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So is it safe to assume that all Pro-Tec gear will triple in price once it gets the DYE logo on it?
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Dave is a smart businessman. I can remember at the 2001 World Cup he showed up in a rental yellow Ryder truck with 1 popup tent and barrels and gloves to sell. He was late and I asked him and Matt Marshall if I could help set up. After the event when they were clearing out their stock I only had $22 cash and the gloves were $30, Dave said he'd take that deal. Then 2 years later they brought a semi and ironmen had their own bus and dye was making awesome clothes. The rest is history.

I wish I was interested in playing more so I could justify buying some of their more advanced products. But I've got a 16" one piece boomstick from the day that I love.
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Originally Posted by singleshot View Post
$250 for snow goggles?!?!?!? .
For that price, the goggles should wipe me.
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newfangled feedback transporter link

Swoop body b2k4 Bushmaster for sale
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Cool. I used pro tec stuff back in the 80s when i skated. Happy times!
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DYE should by Hostess.

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Most expensive twinkies ever.
But it's good to see paintball companies picking up more "mainstream" companies.
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We'd DYE for those Twinkies!
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Originally Posted by singleshot View Post
$250 for snow goggles?!?!?!?

Where does Dye come up with these ridiculous prices???

I thought Oakley's were over priced but now there's a new ******* on the block...
Why are they *******s?
Oakley makes great stuff and charges accordingly.
Just like Heckler & Koch...
Just like Apple...

They wouldn't have the price tag if people weren't buying.

You get what you pay for.
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Based on the very ambitious pricing (hey, they sell well, I suppose) in other 'extreme' sports, I am sure Dye will fit in quite nicely with the Pro-Tec line-up.
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No surprise here, Dye's paintball related revenue has stopped growing at the rate they are used too. Stats show the sport is not growing like it used too either, though spending on the sport has not slipped (those who play seem to be spending more). Dye has made a good deal of profit recently, and already used it to get into snow sports.

They already had the tech for snow sports because, to be honest, their paintball goggles system shame a lot of halfway decent snow googles. The thermal len's dye makes are already set for ski production. They lacked the protective gear element so they picked up a skate company...but at the same time who would be surprised to see Dye get into Longboarding?

Neversummer has already started making pure CF Longboards, something dye would have the tech and ability (machines) to replicate. The concept sells and LBing has been growing at a rate most sports would kill for. Dye could start will helmets, race googles, SLIDE GLOVES (This seeing as their PB gloves with slide pads would be some of the best slide gloves on the marker from the start) and later produce boards, and trucks.

The FB work would be somewhat new, but not completely as dye uses similar materials in many of its products. Gloves would be right up their alley, helems too now. Trucks would be perfect as the same machines they use to mill their guns would make awesome trucks.

I think Dye is trying to invest in the Boarder/Skier/Paintballer image again, in hopes that it pushes more people into their core marker. Anyone looking at a dye snow or skateboard would have a chance to oogle their markers, which could key an interest in Paintball. Dye has one of the best marketing teams around, honestly its worth getting into skateboarding and skiing just to put Paintball Dye adds in major skate/ski/board mags with mainstream readership.
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