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Or how about some 15rnd "banana clips" for them limited paint guys....or a *gasp* drum feed.....Ya know, with only slight mods that'd be a bood candidate for a Thompson make over....(grip needs to slide ahead a bit....)

Catchya on the Flip Side.....

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I like it overall. Being from Qloader, I'm hoping it's going to be a high quailty marker. I'm hoping the body is going to be high quailty and not feel cheap like some other milsim markers (cough RAP and it's clones..). Looking like it might be a nice marker to mod out too.

Wonder what the listed price is going to be. Imagine it will be in the $200 to $300 range, which is almost the 'high end' range these days.

Edit: This looks really easy to throw a spring feed onto it and make an interesting "sniper rifle" sort of thing.... Hmm a project is brewing.
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thats cool to see the qloader is finally getting cleanly incorporated into something.
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I noticed it doesn't mention barrel info, one can hope it's A-5 or similar threads. Doubt the stock barrel is all that good, but ya never know. Looks like you could juuust squeeze a Flatline on over the pod.

I'd be interested to play around with it, but I'm not gonna run out right now and buy one- i've got too much stuff already.

The Tommy Gun Mod idea does sound cool, though....
So does the sniper mod- low profile death.
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If i didnt have tons of stuff i didnt use already...

Guys at Q-loader are great, I had them chase me down on the phone to answer an order question. they hit me up on 2 lines till they found me, and then gave me a killer deal on some new sockets, and threw in some extra small bits I needed.

(I personally would of liked to have seen the loader incorporated into the top of the gun like a P90)
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It's about time. Took them long enough. I thought they would do a better job integrating the qloader. I was hoping for it to be within the stock or something of that area. Still looks neat though
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Id like to use one for a day.

As it is I have been piecing my warp left bodied pump mag back together. The Qloader is being placed under the gun attached to an old BE 12 gr adaptor so the weight is balanced pretty well.

My only request is for the people at Qloader to make some smaller pods. Id like a 30-50-70 round option.
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To me the gun looks waaaaaaay too long, but it's a great idea for a bull pup. You could really shorten that down a lot.
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That is so weird. Ever since I got a Qloader system back last summer I've been thinking "It would be really nice if I could do a body that used a bottom loader so the Q pod could feed straight in.".

Although I'm not crazy about the overall body length I like the concept a LOT! ! ! But I can't help think that they missed the boat a little by having the Qpod so isolated from the main body. A somewhat more integrated look at least for the socket would have been nice.

And could we possibly hope for a fully integrated bottom fed Automag version in the near future? Q' does the bodies, it takes autococker threading and has the socket built into or fully integrated to the body? Milsim or "regular" doesn't matter. Then they just buy the valve/bolt assemblies from AGD and Bob's yer uncle. And if they look at that crazy thread on AO about the milsim'y Qloader Automag versions where the loader is integrated into the shoulder stock.... Oh my.. I could see some sexy looking product from such a union...

I hope they do well with this. It's a great concept and by bringing an up to now fairly quiet company into the spotlight it can do nothing but good for the paintball world which seems to be moving fast towards only two SuperCompanies and a rather humdrum product lineup.
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oops nothing Smart Parts can touch lol. Anyway, very smart idea using what is already on the market, internal wise. Just gave Tippy a boost in parts sales. Yea for the good guys.
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