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I'm not trying to step on any toes.

The only reason this stood out in my rat's-nest brain (it's a wee bit out of my budget, see) is that it was hogged out of a solid hunk of aluminum and wasn't a clamshell, unlike most Tippmanns and their clones.

So if they did change up and go with a modified clone I'd be disappointed but not terribly surprised.

Edit: Found the T68 diagram on RAP's site; it's a clamshell. From what I've read in the Qloader forums, the Q5 is still machined-from-billet.

Between RAP's confusing marker names, horrible website, and awful reputation, how do they stay in business?

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Originally Posted by hockeytown View Post
Is it just me, or does the name Van Tenpenny sound like a porn name?
My name is a family name. Thanks for the morale boost. I might try that profession in my next life.

I shot the image and subsequent images at PBX.

Its not a RAP4 knockoff gun. It is mfg in the U.S.

The milling quality was good. The guys from QLoader were very helpful in answering questions. Very impressive work IMO.
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