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Oh that 8 is nice

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Freedummy... Hell Yeah! Real data!

Uv_halo, want to crunch the numbers for us?

If this is truly indicative of the behavior of FSR when spun to higher RPMs, then we need to push ahead with the theory we have been discussing.


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Followup video by Benny @ Magfed Paintball UK with another start-to-finish test of the Nemesis, to give proper credit for him taking the time to do this test (he says he'll do another test soon with a T15!)

Originally Posted by The Flounder View Post
We don't do easy here! Here we do different and not done before!
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It's hard not to be convinced with the capability of the barrel after watching that video.
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Where did you guys order these from?

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I shot a 5/5 group yesterday at 30 yds with the 683 . I’ll push it out to 55 soon . I know with the HH I get a bigger group but sold it . At extreme distances a hit is a hit on a torso size target , but seeing this video wow !! Getting it ! Want to wait till I can just get one no pre orders .
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Now I’m convinced. My Hammer 7 needs one.
Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
we need to see if ghost flanker is still alive because near the end of the video you can hear the horrifying screeches of some banshee devil bird coming to feast on his man flesh.
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This is a game changer. Wow.
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never wanted to shoot FS rounds until just now.
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So, the original post says coming in January. We're now a week into February, has anyone heard any updates or maybe even received product? I'm very interested in these but would like to see a little more independent testing first.
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