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Wow, big earthquake just happened

So far no deaths

I was on the computer this morning when the whole house started to shake. Not lightly, but it's a huge earthquake shake. I wake up my brothers friend and me and her run outside, followed by my dad. There is a wooden staircase next to my house, while I was running down it it was moving side to side atleast a foot or two. Insane.

I get outside into a clearing and look down the street. There is a gaspro, and look, there are the propane tanks. There is a grey gas gushing out of the propane area. Hm...

After all of the after shocks and else, we go back inside. The top floor is in ruins pretty much, everything flung everywhere. The bottom level is fine, thats where my room is. Cleaning up was pretty easy, took around 2 hours for the kitchen and the living room.

Most of the houses in my town are ok. Most of the rock walls fell apart. Some houses collapsed, some buildings are very messed up. At my school the computer building fell in on itself, so that's messed up.

In the other towns it's a lot worse. In a town called Waikoloa, there are lots of buildings that are built on supports, so they might have fallen down. Lots of houses collapsed, very bad. They're evacuating all the hospitals exept for the one in my town.

The earthquake was a 6.3 or a 6.5, they don't know quite yet. It made some local tsunamis, which means across bays and such. So far there have been no deaths, but we can hope there will be none in the future.

It's all on CNN, check out your telly or go to to read about it. All of the adrenaline is gone, but still, wow.

There was a pu'u (hill) by the airport, but there are reports of it being gone.

The article talks about no building damage, but that might be only on the other island, Oahu, not the island I'm on. I'm on the big island.
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No major building damage on Oahu according to my mom. She was just a little freaked out though I guess.

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Oh, sorry about it not being in the right spot, I posted it in the other area because it happened to me, I didn't just see it on the news.
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