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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
lol, this thread is awesome just to read the shens that heinous is getting up to. my games always suck lately, no time to really get a good one going (and casual playing this game is harsh due to the loading times). I can't wait for some decent updates for the game.
well the scariest thing just happened to me.

the server was going into night, so i was looking for a suitable place to log off. i happened upon a small town, in which i found a shack with movable doors, so in near pitch black darkness i crawled my way into the shack and closed the door.

suddenly, a bright light lit up the area around the house, accompanied by loud fizzing. i could see outside the shack window that it was a road flare. the zombies have now gone crazy and their screams are getting louder and louder. i fumble to log off when suddenly the door opened.

in walked a man, in ghillie suit, holding no weapons whatsoever. he walked (not ran) past the door frame, stopped in front of me, and just stood there with the silhouette of his ghillie suit emphasized by the road flare lights from the background. i froze for a good 5 seconds, too shocked to even realize i should equip my hatchet from my tool belt. then before i got out of my stunned state of mind, he just disappeared.
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^^^. Sounds like a great horror novel. DayZ is the only game ive ever played that actually gets my heart pumping and adrenalin going as lame as that sounds if you've played the game you probably know what I'm talking about.
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i found someone's tent with a flashlight in it. so i dropped mine someplace hidden and took his out of the tent. he's going to be afraid of the dark when he returns lol.


i'm also a pretty cool guy, setting up a fireplace in the open and doesn't afraid of anything.

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i finally found a pair of night vision goggles for the first time ever.

i happened upon an abandoned van, in which was a pair. it also had a bag of blood, a few mags and a set of civilian clothing. i suspect the van may belong a sniping team: the fn fal ammo must have been extras as his spotter's primary, and the civilian clothing is so that they can exchange their single ghillie suit if the spotter wants to snipe.

so i did the sensible thing, i took everything in the van and scattered them all over the forest. i didn't just leave them lying anywhere: i have discovered that a tree with low branches not only conceal the loot but also make them almost impossible to pick up because the crosshair does not sense past the leaves.

so i hid all of their stuff under tree leaves. i also left my chemlights there to assure them that they were really looted and it wasn't a glitch

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lol i was right, they came back, one on a dirt bike, they both have ghillie suits.

also, i found a tent so i decided to label it on the map... for EVERYONE! i'm sure everybody appreciates it except the owner. i wonder if he would return now that he knows it's being watched
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i was sniping on a hill under a tree with my ghillie suit when this totally unarmed guy sprinted past me running a circle around me, then running off. i thought my camouflage worked because he ran off. then, as if to make sure i knew my cover was blown, he ran back to run another circle around me, then ran off again. touche, mr unarmed person, whoever you are, hats off to you.
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So you make me want to play this game more and more but every time I log on I brake a leg within 5 minutes. maybe I will start a photo journal of me breaking my legs..doors, water, steps...
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i break a leg just crawling in a small room trying to turn around. glitchy as hell.

you'll have to find a hospital and pick up some morphine to heal broken legs.
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broken legs SUCK
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there was a big fight at the electro fire station. i just watched the whole fight with my sniper rifle scope until the dust settled. after the winners left (they actually got killed by the zombies that went to investigate the commotion, i watched through my scope while zombies ate an unconscious player to death) i snuck my way toward the fire station to loot their dead bodies.

they had some assault rifles and good gear, but i prefer my sniper rifle so i didn't take them. instead, i drank all their soda and ate all their food. then, just for fun, i "hid" their bodies, essentially making them disappear from the game along with ALL THE LOOT on them. i did this to all of the dead bodies.

i wish i was there when they return to look for their own stuff, just to find nothing. LOL.
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