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Typical teenager stuff:
Beef Ramen (I don't like any other flavor as much)
Easy Mac
Leftovers from the night before I can scavenge and get to before my brothers
Jimmy Dean chicken biscut
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I disappear for months and this STILL isn't out?! Who do I have to murder to get one of these?
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Oh Redbeard, you are giving me the absolute bluest balls ever. THE BLUEST!!!
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glass of Grapefruit juice or OJ with a tsp of creatine

8 egg whites + soy milk and chocolate milk syrup

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breyers low fat black cherry yogurt
a Portuguese muffin
and a class of skim milk
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apple jacks
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The Mad Russian
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This thread makes me sad I am inoperable in the mornings

I usually grab a breakfast bar and eat that in my office at work with coffee I make there.
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If I'm eating then going to the gym I eat 2 slices of toast with peanut butter. If not I'll usually eat some oatmeal and a banana.
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for my weekday breakfast I have Yogurt, big glass o milk, fruit, toast with either peanut butter, honey, jam or butter and oatmeal. I sometimes sub out the oatmeal for whole grain cheerios, puffed wheat or shredded wheat with some whole physilium husk.

For my weekend breakfast its Milk, eggs, fruit, toast, and if I am still hungry ill have some bacon or sausage and the odd time I will cook french toast or pancakes.
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Breakfast must be full of nutrition and healthy.
that can provide all the necessary things for the good health.
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I like to mix my cereals, usually I'll have a bed of branflakes (crushed down), topped with muesli, topped with crunchy oat/nut stuff, topped with wheatos, topped with sugar puffs.

This can change a little but usually it's the bran/muesli/crunchy/sugary combo. Branflakes topped with chopped hazel nuts and almonds, with some honey is also good.
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today I had fried cabbage w/ onions, bacon and a fried egg.
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oldschool play is about sportsmanship and respect, oldschool gear is available on Ebay.
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