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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
i am surprise no one came up with Talisman (fourth edition) yet. that game was good. this game looks good Pandemic.
That game is is not cheap.
for humor check amazon for the talisman update box..
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Originally Posted by cirkle68 View Post
That game is is not cheap.
for humor check amazon for the talisman update box..
well for one thing. was not sure if there was price range on games.
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Talisman should be in everyone's game chest... pricier than some but still very good.

Cheapass Games makes a set of very fun games that are dirt cheap (as the name implies). Great drinking games can be had with them, too. Cheapass Games Home | Cheapass Games -- kill dr lucky, unexploded cow, etc are good games.
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Originally Posted by tiny View Post
I would second munchkins, you should also consider expansions for settlers of ctan, they add quite a bit to the game.
If everyone knows how to, and enjoys playing Catan then buy the cities and knights expansion.
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I remember what it's called!

It sounds really boring but the plotting and scheming get intense!

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If you are even the slightest bit creative you can make your own. I am not talking arts and crafts with construction paper either. But ordering parts like custom cards, pawns, game boards, spinners and game cash. There are sites that you can submit your own designs or that you can submit an idea to and they, like a jersey site will work up a template and get back to you.

Here is a site that has a few links that give a decent starting point: Game Making Tools
Here is a wiki as well:
Google can help you find the rest.
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Originally Posted by commandoman
Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere, sexy girls at my school keep me sane through the worst lectures by the worst professors

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