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William the Third 01-03-2020 03:51 PM

Freak ACP Barrel Tips - Basically straight rifling with a different claim.
Just saw these over on ANS. It's basically straight rifling claim that it helps expel crap from the barrel. Not sure I buy it. Just looks like a gimmick in an attempt to get people to buy yet another barrel (tip) when they've already got a perfectly good/functional one. You know, kind of like "3D"/Curved TVs. Does look like it will be slightly more difficult to clean with such deep grooves.

From ANS

Originally Posted by
With its ability to adapt to changing paint size and quality without requiring a gear bag loaded down with barrel backs, the Freak barrel system set the world standard for portability, performance and flexibility. In its latest generation with 8-inch control bores, the Freak XL barrel system is even better, delivering improved efficiency and consistency. Now the Freak ACP barrel fronts are taking on rough weather, mud and even paint fill.

​Taking their name from All-Conditions Performance, the Freak ACP barrels combine the power of the Freak XL system with an all new barrel front designed to keep going through the worst field conditions. On the outside four rows of barrel porting help equalize air pressure in the barrel with the outside air for a smooth and quiet transition from acceleration to free flight. On the inside the Freak ACP sports an all new look. Sixteen rows of smoothly transitioned grooves and rails bring the benefits of straight rifling to the Freak XL.

​Rather than spinning the paintball with a spiral rifling pattern, ACP straight rifling provides the same linear path as a traditional smooth barrel while being better equipped to cope with the barrel fouling that comes with rough weather. Once the paintball exits the Freak XL control bore, it literally rides on rails through the length of the barrel front. Dust, mud, paint fill or rain can literally be blown out of the way into the grooves of the ACP rifling, rather than wedging between the ball and barrel wall where they cause off axis spin and hook shots, or worse- binding and breaking the ball in the barrel. Field proven by some of the world's top players through their development cycle, ACP barrel fronts shoot cleaner, faster when the going gets rough. They put more paint on target in less time, which is the Freak XL's winning advantage.

psycho91 01-03-2020 04:16 PM

Been done before, more hassle then anything if you ask me

Diomedes 01-03-2020 04:18 PM

Well that doesn't seem like a giant gimmick or anything. Nope. Definitely not.

paintzapper 01-03-2020 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by William the Third (Post 3643322)
Does look like it will be slightly more difficult to clean with such deep grooves.

You are exactly right. You "clean" the barrel but the thick paint goop is still in the porting/grooves and is hard to clean out. The first few shots may be good but then you need to clean it out again.

RAP4/MCS does this with their recon barrels, but all the way through. I have to run it under water to get all the gunk out.

I can see it being useful for really crappy weather and conditions, but the edge will still go towards smoothbore for everyday games.

Riot 01-03-2020 05:53 PM

People love wasting money on barrel stuff.
See: Freak Inserts.

Washington reign 01-03-2020 06:05 PM

I’m surprised no one has linked the LoneWolf test of this barrel

paintzapper 01-03-2020 06:30 PM


Originally Posted by Washington reign (Post 3643362)
I’m surprised no one has linked the LoneWolf test of this barrel

I found the video it to be meh, limeted, and not testing any weather conditions (wet barrel, rain and mud constantly entering the barrel) and short range accuracy testing with zero conclusive data for actual results vs standard barrels.

Even a gooped barrel will perform decently well at that range they were testing at. How about a target further away so we can see the spread?

Gabe 01-03-2020 07:11 PM

The Phantom barrel uses this same thing for the last inch or so of the barrel and I don't see anybody complaining about the accuracy. I know Mike wasn't a fluid dynamics engineer to be able to say how the straight rifling works but it doesn't seem to hurt the accuracy of Phantom barrels. My AKA Javelin also has straight rifling for the last inch or so and it shoots straighter than my other barrels of a similar bore size with the same paint.

Just food for thought.

psycho91 01-03-2020 07:21 PM

But if you look at the phantom barrel the rifling is where the porting is so I think it has more to do with that then anything

screwloose45 01-03-2020 09:47 PM

Will this feature a third thread variation so they can resell the same barrel for the 28th time?

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