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Long Beard 04-28-2008 12:02 PM

Falcon16 Feedback
I traded Falcon16 an LB for his phantom unibody. Great trade all around. I have to say this was the hardest trade to pull off, but only because I had to figure out how to get my marker across the border and into his hands. GREAT communication. Easy to work with. Would definitely deal with again. Great guy.

Toolguy 05-11-2008 09:04 PM

Traded a PMI II DF for a Nightmare. Sweet deal, we were both really happy with it. Deal again in a heartbeat.

Matt Ribble 05-28-2008 10:32 AM

Quick and easy trade. Great communication/etc all around A+

ezcreation 08-23-2008 10:15 PM

Great trade, good communication!

MattV 09-03-2008 09:36 PM

Traded him some stuff for a PMI-II. I had a few problems on my end sending, he was very understanding and patient. Marker was in great condition, definitely do business with him again if the opportunity presents itself.

El Super Beasto 06-03-2010 02:53 AM

I traded a pgp for an odyessy rpm. Great communication, very professional. Definitely would deal with him again.

1S1K 01-02-2011 11:27 PM

I bought an A5 egrip from Alex .Good comunication and a great price.Thanks again.

HELKAT 03-15-2011 10:21 PM

Sold him a rex type-r. Great guy and easy to work with.

freedom 08-24-2011 05:18 PM

excellent transaction, thanx!!!

BenoitOWN 09-02-2011 12:16 PM

He bought some T8 mags from me, everything went smooth. :)

Fortifiediron 09-30-2011 09:19 PM

I traded Alex a Phantom for a Tac 8. The trade went smoothly, wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again.

Titus 10-13-2011 12:32 PM

Bought some detent rings from me, was very patient while they shipped and he paid quickly. Thank you!

hank_k 11-08-2011 12:33 PM

good buyer, keeps contact and pays when he says he will.

s151990 11-14-2011 11:11 PM

Good guy, sold him some harnesses, would deal with again

Ir0nExpress 11-15-2011 12:04 AM

He bought a tank from me which I shipped from NY into Canada. It arrived safely and he is pleased with his item, which means I'm pleased! A+ buyer! :)

MrBig 01-22-2012 11:47 PM

Sold some Sheridan items to him. Quick easy transaction. Hope to do business again.

Leadfoot335 03-15-2012 09:45 AM

Sold him my Angel Apollo LCD. Friendly emails, easy to work with and a straight forward transaction. Would not hesitate to buy or sell to him again!

justplyn 05-30-2012 06:35 PM

Thanks for the fast easy transaction for the head-wrap and sock! Great guy to deal with and I appreciate the review you put up. A++

Diomedes 06-11-2012 09:57 PM

Bought a pair of pants from me, super smooth transaction. Paid quickly, very pleasant, A+.

Grimm 09-20-2012 04:53 PM

We just did a marker trade, communication was great and shipping was super fast. A pleasure to deal with.


super_stanchy 11-19-2012 09:23 PM

bought a trifluted hammer from me

paid quick, easy, A+++

toymachine 12-17-2012 09:47 PM

Family bought his Palmerized PG and Sheridan Stock for myself for holiday presents. Pleasure to deal with and I give him credit for doing what he does while being a single dad - something I, frankly, cannot relate to, but given that I work with kids I can begin to imagine ;)

EDIT: 12-28-12 Wanted to update this as I got the gun in the mail. First of all, it came much sooner than expected, so extra kudos for Alex. Awesome guy to deal with all around. I'd absolutely do business again with him if the opportunity every were to arise. And the gun he sold me ended up performing even better than he had described, truly a joy to shoot and play with all around!

Iconic Muffinman 01-10-2013 08:00 PM

Sold him a Pipe barrel. He was very easy to work with, and didnt even get upset when I forgot to message him back. :ROTFL:

Excellent buyer, great communication. I would not hesitate to sell to him again.

kospauste 02-15-2013 12:51 PM

Falcon16 and I made a trade for some gear and it was pretty smooth despite weather problems hitting us both.

He's curious and asks plenty of good questions, so you know he's not just some random guy trying to get your stuff. Great person to deal with.

240SX 02-27-2013 10:20 AM

We traded markers and this person is fantastic to deal with. Great MCB'er.

Mel 04-01-2013 03:27 PM

Good guy to deal with! Honest, fair priced and super fast shipping. Thanks man!

Mel @ CCM

siphuyoda 04-27-2013 09:10 PM

Purchased a CCM pump kit and lower tube internals from him. Arrived quickly despite coming from Canada.

He's skeptical of users with low or no feedback, but if you can prove you're a reliable person he's a great guy to deal with.

Hook 10-12-2013 11:23 PM

Sold him an 98C. Fast payment, friendly comms. Thumbs up to a fellow canuck for a smooth and easy-going transaction!

pistolz 02-02-2014 03:01 AM

Made a trade with, fast ship, great comms, as described, hope to do business with again. Thanks.

bmann61 03-01-2014 10:37 AM

Worked out a trade with Alex, DBD pants for a pump marker. Easy transaction, great communication and fast shipping

jon1023 10-02-2014 10:09 PM

I just traded markers with Alex and can say that he is a great guy to deal with. I wouldn't hesitate trading again in the future.

ToyBox 10-18-2014 08:35 PM

He's a bit prone to hyperbole in conversation but is dead accurate with what he offers in trade. I enjoy the rare chance we have to trade paint and would be happy for future equipment trades as well.

desertT1 10-20-2014 12:01 AM

Purchased one of my Dust Devil loaders. Payment was sent promptly after Falcon was notified that loader was ready to ship. Pleasure to work with.

El Super Beasto 05-30-2015 09:56 AM

Traded buzzard for superpug. Pug arrived promptly and as described, excellent communication. A+++

El Super Beasto 06-05-2015 03:56 PM

bought a pps pug rebuild kit from falcon16. Shipped promptly. Another +1

grw4w34 12-13-2015 01:26 PM

We traded guns. I shipped first and had no issues. Great communicator and nice guy. Thank you.

HoffACDC 02-08-2016 08:58 PM

Traded my Superstocker for his Dukie Slide Pistol. We worked out a fair price. He had something personal come up during the deal which put him incommunicado - when he responded he explained his situation and offered me an out on the deal, which I very much appreciated. Ended up going through with the deal and the gun arrived as promised and in great shape. Need to gas it up but it sure is pretty and in great shape.

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