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$215 for this :

$430 for this:

$300 for this:

$360 for this:

$250 but sold:
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yea, it never ceases to amaze me how ****ing fast some folks can a/t ccms... as another has said, it's like the gun is an electropnuematic in ramping mode.

In the first post here you see my bronze before I added the sidewinder or cci 5 degree mount (to compensate for angle on cci 45 frame used) and before I ordered my custom pps barrel (again, dual spiral venting, .680, light detents, 12", .901" barrel sleeve (don't ask), polish black powder coat). And that custom pps barrel too FOREVER to get, although it was worth every penny (heavy as hell, but even that aspect adds to the feel of the marker on the field)

Haha, silly me, I did really think before I made that offer - just realized the barrel, sidewinder, 45 grip frame, cci 5 degree block and stock class feed from pps, I've dumped about $250 into her... she's my second sterling and barely used, maybe 500-1000 shots through her and without any scratch or blemish of any kind, the epitome of the expression lnib (hell I still have the box it came in!)

Haha, um, so if you're interested in the stock gun, stock barrel (perfect for freak boring btw; if you use it as is you will almost certainly need to add a couple bits of electrical tape or something to prevent roll outs unless you're large/.690+) paint, a eurogrip with a bottomline installed, asa reducer, macroline and fittings, then I'd be will to sell cheap. otherwise I'd want enough to get myself that other stp sterling you saw, or better yet a jubilee series to make up for my loss

sorry about that little bit of thoughtlessness... with my current setup she shoots like a hot knife through butter. stock she's still amazing, just not quite as amazing.

any in any event, unless you become irrational and offer a way high price, I'd like to keep the 45 frame to use on my thumper (the eurogrip with bottomline feels so, so good thought it's hardly a loss, just makes the gun a bit longer and you can't install another asa or on off asa or use a drop of any kind as the bottomline adapter is built into the eurogrip).

instead of us cluttering up this thread with ideas on our current line of thought, lets communicate via pms. I don't really care about clutter, but it's kind of the polite thing to do

and if I were you and didn't want my thumper as described (although it would come with the best cs in the industry ), I'd go for the first or third one you listed there.

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no worries. If I'm going to drop as much as a jubilee then I'll just get a vert fed. sorry.
you did enable me to the beautiful Sterlings so I'm ever grateful. I'll PM you for more thoughts when I close in on a buy - hope you don't mind me leaching off your experience.

thanks so much again
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My Pyre is my goto gun - love it! At the chrono it is always solid - maintenance wise I haven't had to really do anything to it to keep it going since it hasn't broken down...knock on wood...
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