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Restoration Pump

So I had a great idea for a thread after I recently received a fair condition Brass Eagle Tigershark. It was missing a couple pieces that I began to search for and acquire. I figured this would be a great place for us to post our pumps that we have restored, revived, and other wise saved from the trash.

I've always had a love/hate for Tigersharks. When I used to play in high school, a buddy's father was a ninja. This man would take about 2-3 balls from each persons hopper and literally play all day, and 99% of the time, be the last man out. We all had "fancy" RT Tippmanns, Electric Spyders, couple mags, etc. We all wondered how this guy kept eliminating us. And never could figure it out. Fast forward to 2007 and I fully switched to pump only. I was searching local Pawn Shops for small hoppers and found a Tigershark in the bargain bin. Some haggling later with the owner and I walked out of the door with it for $5. I decided to use it as a loaner and would use it against rec players. I wanted it to be goofy so I rattle canned it gold.

Here is a picture of it.

I stored it in my tool box so I always had it with me when I went to the field. I was in college and stored it in my car port. I came home from work one day and noticed a couple things were missing. One of those things, was my tool box. Needless to say I was pretty upset. Not only had someone violated my personal living space, but they also took my pride...and my Tigershark.

All couple weeks ago I went home to a buddies house to visit. He was going on about how he needed to clear out his garage and since he didn't play that often wanted to give me some gear. I received a set of Revvy shells, a Stifi, and lastly, a Tigershark. He said that he lost the hammer spring somehow, but when it was shooting it was shooting low. So I gladly accepted it.

Here's how I got it.

Forgot how easy these things were to take apart.

Obviously, some parts needed some TLC.

Bolt and Valve Stem

Inside of the barrel

I had an idea to increase the velocity. Use a Phantom hammer spring and make some spacers for the hammer spring. Got everything cleaned up and ready to assemble.

And here she is finished. Decided not to paint this one, yet. She definitely shot hard, I don't have a chrono at home but I know its a usable FPS. She double feeds like a BI though. I'll pick up a Model 98 detent and find a way to cram it in there.

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a rotor on a tigershark? no wonder you have double feed issues.
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get a proto primo if need be, but your better off with a little 40 round winchester or better yet the old brass eagle hopper box like this
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The rotor was just for the pic. I was using a modded Winny and it was doing it. All good though.
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Tried putting nail polish detents in the first half inch of the barrel?
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A little out of the way but I picked up a jt er2 yesterday, why? Why not? I would look into those detects. Same design as the tippmann detents but instead of rubber its a flexible plastic and the base is flat instead of tall like the tippy detent. But you would probably have to pick up the gun to get said detent. I doubt jt sells them separately. Worth a look tho.
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Sure if I wanted to I could just call them and say I lost mine when I disassembled a ER2. I was thinking bout some nail polish. I am also thinking of doing a similar detent mod that's done on phantoms with the little oring and screw. I already have a perfect little oring that I just found in my tool box.
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Here is a work in progress nelson unibody. it shoots and does what it needs to minus one fault with the pump action that needs to get worked out.

A nelspot 007 I got from my uncle and got it working and cleaned up. I just need to tweak the internals but it works.
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