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BLACK RTR 5.0 Elbows available now PSYCH

Ever have a gun that looks awesome but the look of the common elbow sucks the life out of its beauty? Well, I give to you the RTR all aluminum elbow!

It's not just any elbow baby. Anodize it to match your gun but there is a twist!

The RTR elbow is angled to give you a much less visible hopper when shooting from a bunker.

Here are a few images of these being made. It's taken a long time because of life, and these are difficult to hold onto when machining because of their shape. So care needed to be taken when plotting each stage of machining. Not molded plastic here folks, these are very cool.

The angle will bring your hopper to the center of your gun.

In the following images I tried my best to give you a good idea. But running around my back yard with a gun and a iPhone timer ticking limited my quality.

The top image I am trying to show the relationship of a loader on a traditional elbow. Pay no attention to the guns position as all I was doing was trying to get the loader parallel to the ground as if it was on a gun with a common elbow.

The second image I am trying to aim like normal showing how the hopper is one half the size showing from the bunker (in this case my tree) having less of a target for the opponent to see and shoot at. It's better than it looks. I really needed a helper while doing this.

And the third image is if you cant the gun into the bunker. This pretty much hides the entire loader yet still allows you to site down the gun and shoot

And here is an image that clearly shows the loaders position in relation to the gun. Center line.

And it looks spectacular on a DD68

Price? Not sure yet. I should know soon and let you know.

When are they available? I have to finish them all, then ano most. RAW should be available soon but no sooner than a couple of weeks. Don't want to rush into selling until all are done.

And as I said, this undoubtably will be a let down to some. It's not for everyone nor is it an earth shattering product. Just a cool spin on a product that for the most part is a burden to the older guns. So, I made this to try and get some of them old guns out there and be competitive again.

And please, NO one wants more Gargoyles than myself. If you feel compelled to remind me that there are none to be had, feel free to. But please have some compassion as I did try my best, will continue the fight, and in the mean time make other things for you.

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Subd for creeping later on.
Dan's Feedback
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Can't wait.....

t grip is comfy, ez is comfy, ezt is comfy, standard is comfy.. long as it's a pump I'm good 2 go...
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MCB Feedback:

Anybody gots to sell:
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This is promising.
Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
Stock class =

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Go On.....
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MCB Feedback;
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