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I went 3 years back and graffiti shot like **** in all 3 guns I brought. I haven't been back since, the works said yeah it sucks this year. I get that it isn't really their fault but when you spend a couple hundred on 2 days you'd like a better answer then ',yep it sucks'
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Originally Posted by minimag03 View Post
We'd never get the field to even consider Redemption for Fulda if we aren't willing to pay more for it.

Couldn't hurt to ask though right? Start the bidding low (by that I mean what is actually still quite reasonable, considering how much they could sell!)

I actually thought the graffiti was decent this year. Not great, but decent. My chief complaint was really with the Fate. It is harder than any paintball should ever be...
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I shot some D3FY paint at FEW. I was very impressed with the consistency and how well it broke on target. Not sure if you can get the field away from Valken but this could be a good alternative.
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All of the Graffiti (3 cases) that my group got was dimpled as all hell. It flew mostly straight, but was hard to tell because I chopped a ball early in the day and didn't squeegee as well as I could have. People I talked to said the Fate was a better choice, but I didn't really look into it as I already had more paint than I could feasibly shoot, even with an auto-trigger.
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