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Check out the new footage from Spantastik of the 2018 game!!! Hot off the press!!!
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Originally Posted by 1shot View Post
I dont know; they did years ago (I rocked one for a few days) but I heard they were having issues with empty 12 grams left on the field. There were rule changes but for some reason I think they were making an exception for stock class. Definitely worth looking into.
Originally Posted by Abaumblue View Post
Stock class are allowed on the field for sure. Multiple vendors will be selling 12 grams on site.
Check out the documentary made around the event now available on vimeo!!
I have also confirmed via email that 12grams (stock class) is allowed. Thanks for the replies.

Pick up your empties my dudes!
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I used my stock class phantom when I went back in 2012. Bought a badass Warped Sports Dark 'Cocker while there for $250 too!! I had an electro but I HATE just shooting to shoot so I only used it once. Mostly I used my open class pump.

Anyway, the point of this is, you're going to be VERY out gunned playing stock class. There are SO many people shooting SO much paint all the time. I eventually got tired of even carrying around my pump so I would just go out without a gun at all. I thought it was fun to just sneak up on the other team or see how close I could get. It was fun in my mind to have 20-30 people wasting hundreds of rounds of paint each trying to shoot me.

To me the game felt pointless and poorly managed. The spawn points were super far away from the action. You could take provisions out with you and stash them at the safe zones, sure. But then you had to go all the way to that specific safe zone which again, was no where near where ya ended up. I'd say the majority of the game is spent walking.

I had fun once I stopped trying to play the game and made my own games trying to tag out people without a marker or see how many group huddles I could walk up to before anyone noticed I was part of the other team.
Group of 10 or so guys planning their attack:
Player 1:"Joe, you, Frank and Shazbot go around to the left. Bones and I will take these 3 guys and go around to the right."
Me: "I don't suppose all of you guys would like to consider yourselves eliminated by chance would you?"
(Blank stares, head tilts with questioning eyes) "Why would we?"
Me: (I look at my arm band then at theirs, then back at mine) "Cause you're all out?" *Smile
Me6 guns all point at me at once) "Yeah I didn't think so, but it was nice to meet you!"
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My experience was fun. 2009 82nd Airborne Pathfinders. During the main event we mostly charged in and took positions but nobody would follow us. We would all be shot out during the counterattack due to lack of reinforcements. This repeated over and over. Youd be surprised how many people will just run away from a defensive position when they are charged at by 30 people crossing open ground. I found a lot of open ground without much cover made pump play often impractical. During the big game I switched to my A5. These days Im not in nearly as good of shape; if I did it again Id probably stick with stock class. The lighter weight would be worth it in the long run.
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You gentlemen are correct. In years past there was alot of hiking involved, but the event coordinators have listened and adjusted accordingly. There will be more centralized action at the objectives. The new format is truly making it so that you get more bang for your buck. To top it off the o-course on Wednesday will be giving some serious prizes away to the participants. The sport itself is evolving and so is this game. The Facebook group page will have all the fine details in weeks to come.
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Good to see they're actually promoting it this year. Seems like there's someone with a fire under them.

My yearly reminder that i really should go to 1 of these considering i live an hour an a half away. O well maybe next year.
I live 20+ hours and $2000+ of air travel away and can only dream of playing a big scenario in the US. It's a travesty that you haven't!

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My friends and I played on the German side for about 4-5 years in a row back in the mid to late 2000s.

We’re thinking about returning again this year and maybe giving the allies a shot this time.
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