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Beginners Pump and Semi Package Giveaway - Winner winner, killerito dinner

Here we have a couple beginners markers: A JT Tac-5 Recon and a Brass Eagle Tiger Shark. Both guns are stock and in excellent condition. I don't have air to test the JT but it looks unused. Both of these would be good to use as a loaner when you bring a friend to try paintball or just to give away to someone who wants to get a feel for the game.

A winner will be drawn at 5 PM on December 15th. To enter you must...

1) Be an MCB sub
2) Tell me your favorite sports related moment. It can be anything from any sporty gamey thing like paintball, cricket, disc golf, cornhole, hockey etc.

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It's funny, often my favorite moments in paintball are the unrecorded ones - a recent favorite moment I really enjoyed was an end-of-the-day game of 6vs3 attack & defend. Two other friends and I successfully defended the bunker at APE with no flags (of 4) taken while laughing and communicating - it was a good time.

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Tippmann 98s do not have problems. You've broken the universe. Impressive.
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Dang, I was going to give you my thesis outline
"Psycho-Sexual Paintball; an analysis of penile ejaculatory surrogacy in paintball marking devices"
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My favorite moment in paintball was when my son was nine years old... had a big game in Our wood field of around fifty vs. fifty....all of my team except my son were out and only two players left on the opposing team....we were all on the top of the levee ( dead men) watching the end to come... one at a time they came at my son from the trees... my son was standing in a crossroad checking left and right... boom- bang,bang,bang..... first guy shoots at Evan ( my son) and he turns, spots the guy. Bang, one shot he nails him....
Next guy comes out from the same area and runs out into the road... bang, bam, bam, bang ,bang, bang.....they shoot are shooting at each other when all of a sudden his opponent bends over and rolls to the ground.. nut shot.......ow....
We win the game and there were over a hundred of us watching the entire game end go down...
That's my most favorite and most proudest moment in paintball for me in my over thirty years of involvement.......
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Was at a Church Golf Tourney and it started to thunder really bad, they called the players in with the sound of a horn but i was already lined up for my swing so i hit it just as the marshal came yelling at us and i kid you not the ball landed right on the green if not a hole in one it would have been in on my putt for sure, I will never know though cause despite out pleas to the marshal to let us go check it out he was insistent on us heading back. Cant blame him though walking around with metal poles in a storm isn't the best idea lol

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Count me in please

Sports think, went to a Seahawks game once with my wife, back when she was my fiance. That stadium was unbelievable. So loud. We had a blast

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Went to a Blackhawks game in Detroit once, my uncle's friend had season tickets. Went down to the ice, an Jonathan Toews posed with me from behind the glass. Good times.

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Oh man, favorite? Okay two moments:

1. Watching the 1998 NBA finals with my dad, game 6, maybe a minute to go, Jordan strips Malone, goes down the whole court, sinks the game winner from the free-throw line.

2. 1998 Yankees season. It's the summer, maybe July, and some new dude named Shane Spencer is playing. Watching with my grandpa, and we're marveling at how well he's hit so far, when he smacks a homer. He went on to have the most ridiculous tail end of that season.

Bonus: The time my dad slipped in the mud playing speedball the first time we went out with our own gear, and by the most amazing luck shot a speedball kiddie as he went down.
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I'm totally in
favorite sports moment sophomore year of high school playing football against el Molino high school. I played wide receiver fullback running back outside linebacker and corner and safety basically where ever coaches needed me to fill. Probably halfway thru the game one of my buddies gets cheap shotted going up for a ball bu the other teams running back. A couple plays later I'm at outside linebacker and for whatever reason, he decided to cut back and run my way. I going a little too high on him and close lining him full on WWE style. The look on the refs face was priceless. the other teams' coaches come out yelling about how its unsportsmanlike conduct yata yata. The ref comes over asks if it was on purpose, of course, I said it wasn't he said ok just watch it walks back to the other coach and tells basically him to piss off. A few plays later we are on offense I can't remember exactly what had happened(far to many concussions) but I was pissed playing running back. ended up totally trucking their Outside linebacker. By far my favorite memories.
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I'll go in...

Favorite sport moment I can think of off the top of my head - My 4 yr old son was at soccer practice, and my 1 yr old daughter decided she wanted to play too. Joined right in and even kicked the ball a few times. I kept picking her up and taking her off to the sidelines, but she was determined to play. All the while my son was basically knocking other kids over to protect his little sister.
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