The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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Too Tall's Mystery Giveaway

My little family is moving this month and I am uncovering all kinds of gear I don't use or need. Last year I gave away some soft goods and threw in a bunch of other stuff - ask Diomedes, he won my giveaway last year. This year's giveaway will also likely include a marker.

Requirements for entry:
  • Be a member or mod
  • Post a trick or tip you've learned that has helped you become a better player - feel free to include anecdotes, pictures, whatever. What have you learned that has given you an advantage on the field?
Aiming to randomly pick a winner from valid entries around mid-December.

Merry WALZmas!

Valid entries (and number for drawing):
  1. THE Hulk
  2. a.greenleaf
  3. killerito
  4. Salmon
  5. dano_____
  6. paintzapper
  7. freedummy
  8. Millar156
  9. JonM
  10. ProtoNY
  11. superman
  12. Mr Idiot Box
  13. jakesak
  14. woouulf
  16. JonnyDread
  17. Riot
  18. XEMON
  19. Trbo323
  20. pinkanese
  21. Diomedes
  22. Rainmaker
  23. William the Third
  24. spece108
  25. Hobbes
  26. Murky
  27. flyweightnate
  28. Jordan
  29. nuppydog
  31. scottieb
  32. Bigtuana
  34. GanonsGrin
  35. WALZ
  36. Third of Five
  37. Junglepeanut
  38. snaparen
  39. KCRecon
  40. letlow***
  41. Allerstern
  42. hellion360
  43. bellicose
  44. dkv23
  45. Maximilian
  46. Long Beard
  47. CrowsFeast
  48. gerth21
  49. pbyrne233
  50. glaman5266
  51. freedom
  52. Bang*Bang**
  53. bob.goblin
  54. sethzilla
  55. p8ntninja
  56. lurchness monster
  57. Surf2Live
  58. ilivlife
  59. DavidBoren
  60. Greenmtnphantom
  61. Clam-I-Am
  62. FrankTheTank

***In pending paid membership

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While not technically a member of the Transformer family due to his non-vehicular appearance, Obake is a also a robot in disguise and distant cousin of Optimus Prime.

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I played in a tournament this year. One of my co-workers was on my team. I brought 4 markers. He used a marker that wasn't leaking or have a bad reg. The other 3 leaked or had a bad reg. From that I learned to always bring the reliable M98.

I also learned it is beneficial to have team members who served as an Lt in the Rangers. He hadn't played paintball in years but he was tearing it up like something fierce. We took 2cd.
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The best one I was given years ago is shoot at what you know you can hit not what you think you can hit. That piece of advice has treated me well for years but mostly when I play pump.

p.s. I still suck.
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the oddballer
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I’m in. Best trick I learned is not to pump a brass marker till right befor you ahoot lest you become a victim of tiny paint rollin.
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here 4 the memes
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I don't know if it has made me a better player, maybe just a better teammate, but I've gotten much better at communicating on the feild. Whether it's enemy locations, locations of objectives or where we need players to defend, it feels like I can supporting the team even if I'm out of range, paint, or air.
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Best trick I learned is to use a standard pod about half full to fill ten round tubes. Just grab as many empty tubes as can fit inside the mouth off the hopper tip it over and carefully remove.
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One of my tips that I've learned and try to tell others is to not hug the bunker unless you have to. Stand an arms length away and take aim before you even pop out of the bunker. This obviously extends into snap shooting, but I watch so many players who are chest to bunker and have to take aim at their target after they clear the bunker. You save a second or two and you don't give the other player(s) much time to react.
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This was advice I gave to a new user who was concerned he was using too much paint, but I think the advice applies to everyone looking to maximize their game. All newbie stuff, but they need the most help -

Without knowing your play style, it's hard to diagnose why you're using more paint than you want. To give some general advice, it comes down to accuracy, trigger discipline, and tactics.

Smaller hoppers, smaller pods, playing pump/stockclass/magfed are all ways of physically limiting how much paint you can carry and shoot. However, the mindset you have when you play is more important, otherwise you will just be running out of paint every game. If your tactic is to rush an opponent head-on and overwhelm them with a wall of paint, that's not going to work.

Instead of peppering an opponent behind cover hoping to land a lucky hit, focus on how you can get a better angle on them. If you don't think you can land a hit with one shot, you instead need to move to a better/closer position. Move when their attention is drawn elsewhere. Only pop off 2-3 shots as you leave cover if you're trapped and must get their head down.

Noise is the #1 giveaway of your position. Blasting away will attract fire, staying quiet will help you go unnoticed - keep tight reign on your trigger. Getting excited and taking shots you're likely to miss will squander your advantage; be patient, wait, and work to make a GOOD opportunity into a GREAT opportunity.

Avoid being noticed by keeping obstacles between you and your opponent as you move. If you're running and you come under fire, keep running for cover - slowing to return fire will only make you an easier target.

Want to save more money? Buy more expensive paint. Higher end paint is typically rounder and smoother, and will fly straighter with more consistency between shots. It's THE BEST way to improve your accuracy. You may spend 2x more buying premium, but you'll shoot 1/4 as much trying to get a shot to land on target. Everyone at the games I attend will happily shell out $50 for the field paint and blow the whole case that day. I'm still using the case of paint I bought for $80 last season because it's awesome and I store it well so it stays awesome.
Advice I give when masks are fogging (aside from buying a new dual-pane thermal lense)

Breathe out through your nose. The air expelled will be less humid than breathing out your mouth and is directed down, away from your eyes.

If you're breathing hard and must exhale through your mouth, pull back your jaw to direct the hot air down and past your mask.

Or, make your own breeze to flush the hot air out - don't stop moving! Fans work too, but I gave up on them because I couldn't be bothered to replace batteries.
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We don't do easy here! Here we do different and not done before!
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I'm in.

I've learned to give new, young players an easy shot on me during walk on games. Nothing is better than to overhear the stories they tell their buddies in the staging area.
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Take a lesson from the Fremen Litany Against Fear.

"Fear is the mind killer..."

Go balls out, no fear. Do something stupid and sometimes it will pay off. Other times it will send you to the dead box. No risk, no reward.
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