The Season of Walzmas Tis the Season - Come inside and join in!

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The sweetest Walzmas gift

In the spirit of giving I will be giving away an assortment of honey to one lucky member. It will be a couple bottles and a jar of creamed honey. I’ll take a picture next time I go downstairs to my honey stash.

I will leave this open until December 1st then randomly pick a winner.

To enter you must;
- Be a paid member
- Actually like and use honey. I want to give it to someone who will actually consume it and enjoy it.
- Make a donation to an animal shelter or have a pet that was adopted from a shelter. You can donate your time, money, pet food or supplies or whatever your local shelter is asking for.
- In the spirit of giving I'd like you to give away the 5.5oz jar to someone you know. It would make a cute little gift. This is optional but you will get bonus points from me for doing this.
- Have to live in the USA. Sorry to the Canadians but I don’t want to ship it over the border.

I will give a bonus bottle to the winner if they did their own giveaway.

What the winner will receive;
2 12 Oz squeeze bears
Half pint jar with a piece of comb in it
5.5 oz hex jar
12 oz jar of creamed honey

If you are doing a give away you will also get a 1 lbs bottle of clover honey that I pilfered from my wife's private stash.

Participants, bold names are doing a giveaway and qualify for extra bottle
Long Beard
moving target
William the Third

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In, love me honey...use it everyday, coffee, toast and for cooking....


Most all my dogs came from an animal shelter... we just donated to our local shelter with can foods for those in need..
Close to the border but still in the USA..
Yes, I have a giveaway going....
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Ohhh! I'm oddly going through honey faster now than ever. (I use it in tea a lot)
Member : Check.
Use it/ Love it : Check
Rescued a dog : Check
Live in the USA : Check
Have TWO giveaways : Check

I'm in!

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I haven't creamed my honey in a while. It's been too long
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Mmm.....I've been watching all these honey thread references and am craving. Most of the honey found locally in my area is Tupelo, but I do get a few wildflower types when I get up to the mountains. Would love some Walzmas honey!

- I'm a member
- In tea, in milk and coke (try it if you haven't), on tortillas with cinnamon....
- I work in the veterinary field. Just helped the daughter of veterinary technician make a large donation to a local shelter by providing 15 free FelV/FIV tests and 15 free Canine Heartworm tests for shelter pets (generally completed prior to adoption which often hinges on the results of the test)
- In NC....though man, do I love Alma, New Brunswick.....hope to retire there one day.
- I have a give away going, but if I win, I'd prefer to pay shipping on the second bottle so that a taste can go to a second member.
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Love honey, have our rescued pup Samson (which is ironic because he is a big chicken) and will be doing a big giveaway starting in a few days. Thank you for the opportunity

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I love honey. It's been in my family for generations. How do you cream your honey? (And every dog I have ever owned was from a shelter, and I wouldn't do it any other way).
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Mmmmm. I like honey in my tea and on toast. We actually rescued a dog this past summer from a shelter and donated all of my previous dog's food to the same shelter.

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Iím in, this is Abraxas we rescued her 14 years ago.
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Originally Posted by bellicose View Post
How do you cream your honey?
3 years ago I bought a small container that I liked the consistency of and used it as my seed. I took that and mixed it with my own honey in a 10 parts my honey to 1 part of creamed honey ratio. I stirred it together and 3 weeks later everything was crystallized like the original creamed honey. It is nice and smooth and not gritty

Every time I make it I set aside a small container to use as the next batches seed.
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