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New to Sterlings, several questions...

Hi all,

I've heard great things about Sterlings and have always wanted one. However, I don't want to splurge and end up with a marker I don't like, and unfortunately, I've never encountered one in the wild that I could hold and use for a bit.

I'm thinking of picking up an old Sterling from here. It's one of the older RF models. Before I claim it as mine, I have several questions for you Sterling veterans, and hopefully the answers will help me decide if I should really get a Sterling or not.

1. How is the maintenance/upkeep on Sterlings? I'm proficient at working on Autocockers and Phantoms, but I've never touched a Sterling before.

2. Are parts durable i.e. will they last after normal wear and tear? I know Arrow Precision is in the UK, and I'm not too fond of ordering parts from overseas as shipping will be hefty. In addition, are there Sterling dealers in the US?

3. Are Sterlings "mobile" markers? A silly question, but I consider extremely mobile to be a SC Phantom and immobile to be a decked out Autococker pump with tank and a Sportshot or Revvy.

That should be it...for now. Thanks in advance!
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Well 1st thing first it's a nelson, yup just like your phantom
but it is stacked tube like a cocker.
when properly sprung they have the pump stroke that is level with a ccm..

my favorite sterling is every bit of 20 years old.. all stock parts other than the mainspring.

mobility.. I love backbottle and keep one hand on the trigger and one on the pump and am not inconvenienced in any way..

Thats my 2cents, the silver sterling that is for sale is really nice..

Buy a barrel kit from J&J and you'll be pleased. there 80-120 stock barrel is .690
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The only thing Nelson about a Sterling is the hammer assembly. The bolt and valve are very much 100% Sheridan based.
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Don't mean to thread jack... Didn't realize they are a hybrid. I read about them on Vintage Rex and browsed the manual from arrow precision (mainly parts listings) and didn't quite put it together that way.

Sounds awesome. I think I might have my next project gun.
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I'm running my Sterling with a stock, 4 oz tank, and mini-hopper and it's incredibly light. Sterlings are the type of gun you either love or hate, so even though parts can be tough to procure at times I find them to be totally worth it, not that I've had to replace anything on any of my Sterlings...but if I did it'd be worth the effort
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Sterlings have a beast autotrigger and pump stroke. Though not as light as a phantom, they are lighter than most any other open class pump I would think or equal in weight. They don't really require teching, unless you really want to fine tune some stuff.

I have one of those older right feed sterlings in red with an extra barrel or two. Pm me if interested in working out a deal. I don't need two sterlings right now so I need to downsize my collection. Oh and I have an extra vertical asa rail for the old type sterlings. Though it's raw aluminum.
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If I needed an OC pump, it would be a sterling. I miss mine a lot. Had an awesome green one with a 45 frame.

Super smooth, consistent (I didn't even have a reg on it) and reliable. Never had a problem with it. I used to loan it to a friend when he would play and he was seriously pissed when I sold it. I have not shot a CCM but the pump stroke was smoother than any phantom or sniper I owned, and was toe to toe with any of my carter buzzards or my comp.

Your questions: The maintenance is just like any other quality pump. I'm not aware of anything that routinely goes bad on them. Keep them cleaned and oiled and they will serve you well. I used a revvy, ~12" barrel, and a 7oz CO2 tank on an angled bottomline and I thought it was very maneuverable and much more pleasant to shoot (IE well balanced and pointed better) than an open class phantom.
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