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SP1 project:

If you have ever followed one of my projects, you know I go to the extreme and I can never stick with the game plan. My longest paintball project took almost 6 yrs to complete.

So as time went on and old injuries caught up, paint guns got heavier. I had never shot a VIBE or an SP1 in my life. Then one day Titus had a “Rental Vibe sale”. I bought one and have shot one since.

Then I decided to look into an SP1. Since Smart Parts closed it’s doors, people were selling these left and right, because parts were now hard to come buy.
Well Smart Parts had re-emerged as GOG. Which was perfect for me, cause I needed repair parts.

So I do all I can to learn about the SP1 thru my VIBE and on line. I then found one on MCB for cheap. It had a broken board that needed the ON/OFF switch repaired and the board needed re-flash.

No problem, I had a few spare stock boards and it was just a $10 repair for button and re-flash. So off to GOG the board goes and in goes the new board.

I didn’t stop there. I replaced the bolt, feed neck, detents, grips mock suppressor and then dropped in a Virtue board. I have a new breech with EYEs, but what fun is that? Besides I'm saving it for another project

I was going to add on rail covers, but everyone was doing that. I had thought about Hydrographics, but I was saving another gun for that.

As with all my projects, I normally sit on them till I see something on line or on my travels and adventures. So I get into Face Book a couple yrs back and discover new things. I discover Hill Billy 223.

This guy does some amazing Dura coat work with real firearms. I had seen some of his work on Air Soft guns and on one paintball gun. The problem is, no one does a review when they have something like this done or it’s just a few sentences or maybe a paragraph. Yea that really says a lot “NOT”.

Project progress, what was done, changed and never happened:

Project Updates:

8 March 2013:

Dirty Girl has decided to run off to Beauty school:

That's right, my SP1 is getting a make over. Pictures and story to follow. If you were on my Face Book you got a taste of what I'm going to do. I deleted it for now.

So the SP1 was still looking a little dull. I'm not very partial to a black gun, but then again paintball refletcs one's personality. As mentioned in this write up, this was an on going project. I have finally decided what to to with her. I could follow what everyone else was going to do, just put on rail covers and throw on a bunch of lights and such, but that would only make me like everyother Mil Simmer out there.

I'll update with more pictures later. I want to be the first to see this one

Here she is all torn apart ready for shipping:

The place I am using has not done many paintball guns. They are more of a real Fire Arms place.
Since I don't want to send my guns thru the mail for fear of communist confiscation.

Who I am using:


21 June 2012

I'm not even sure if I'll be hydrographing this. I did buy new rail covers for the gun. Figured the OD Green would give it a new look.

4 April 2012:

Since no one really comes here,I have decided the final hydrograph pattern. I'm just going to theme this gun and Barb wire the other.

3 March 2012:

It seems that I have been dragging this project along. So I have traded for it's final upgrade before she goes off to hydrographing. I have decided to drop in a new Virtue board. So now this project is 99% complete

Updates from 1 year ago:

3 Apr 2011:

Let's update this thread a little bit. I have installed new detents. I've had the board repaired by GoG and have installed a new Orange bolt. The bolt actually reduces any kick the gun had and actually quiets the gun sound signature. Not bad for $20.

I had to rebuild the regulator last night. It had an internal leak and I don't know when the last time it was serviced. So a little Monkey Poo and some new Orings and I was good to go.

This project is moving along. Nothing really left to do but play a game with it and send it to Oregon Hydrographics for a new look. One good thing I did do was buy enough repair hose to fix the hose going to the ASA if it ever blows. GoG is actually being very copperative with selling repair parts.

As far as GoG,they have been very good with repair and customer service. I have no need to complain. So more updates to come as time goes on.

9 March 2011:

Well I was told that solenoid hose is hard to replace. A little spit and some slight pressure and I was ready to go. So the SP1 is now up and running. No air leaks and shooting just fine. On another note,I will be sending in some boards this week to be reflashed and have an on/off switch repaired. So far Gog service as been great.

22 Feb 2011

I replaced all the orings. Replaced the detents. Put in a new board due to a bad on/off switch. The light is burnt out. The new board has been adjusted to HPA program and PSP program. I did run into one problem. The solenoid is leaking and that has to be replaced. I'm sending off the old board to GoG for repair.

So this project is at exactly one month. Have a plan on what I want done. Just waiting on some special grips I had made.

Just ordered some tubing and a new solenoid. So this gun should be up and running in a week. I'll need it for later events.

14 Jan 2011

Vert feed arrived today. It's on. Guess I'll add the detents and board this week.

15 Jan 2011

Freak Back arrived and installed.

22 Jan 2011

Just got word that the freak front is on the way. This project is coming together.

30 Sept 2011:

Well this was suppose to be a fast project,but I got very involved with using this gun during play. I'm told my Son will pay for some new Hydrographing as a Birthday present. So it's time to pick a pattern. This one will be different,so have to carfully pick

So here we go again. Let's do another quick project. This time we are going to do an SP1. I have always liked this gun. I'll probably make it a travel gun. They are simple to maintain and they are just a VIBE in a different body. I don't have this gun at the moment,it's in the mail on it's way to me.

The gun pictures you see are the pictures that the owner sent me. Once I get it,I'll take it all apart and give it a good lube job and several new parts and new look.You'll see alot of the same pictures from the VIBE project,because alot of the parts being replaced are the same ones I replaced on the VIBE.

First off,I would like to thank Tblazer13 (MCB Member) for selling this gun to me.

The key point to any type of build,be it fast or slow is dependablity. If you've built enough project guns you know who you can go to and who you can't. The key point is to make a good looking reliable gun that people will notice and want to know more about. You don't have to always use the most expensive,sometimes a little polishing will do the trick and save you large amounts of cash.

By the time I'm finished with this gun I will be into cost over run, and some will say why didn't you just buy a new gun. Well what fun is that? I still would have bought the same replacement parts and done the hydrographing. In the long run it would have cost me more. Because of the VIBE project,I have enough new spare parts to maintain both markers for a while.

All though the new GoG G1 offers multi feeds and a new fresh look:


Multiple feeds are something I thought that all companies should put on their guns. It gives the player lots of options,and plus all of us have different playing styles. However if you have an older SP1 and want to buy a G1 just for the feed system,just call up GoG and order the drop in body kit. You get the multi feeds and a new body for under $40.00. Now if you want all the bells and whistles,just order a new G1,the breech is EYE ready.

The SP1 Offers center feed only, which is what I want. Sure it's used, but those are the best guns to buy. You just hope the person who owned it took good care of it. Judgeing from the pictures below,it looks like it has. Can't beat an $80 gun,especially since I've seen these selling for $150+ used.

This gun has a multi fire board and HPA/CO2 ready.

Here is the gun:

Repair and replacement parts:

Just the general repairs such as detents, Metal clamping feed, Oring replacement for bolt and regulator.

New Board:

Well I'm told the board light doesn't work,but guess what,I have extra boards. I knew these would come in handy. I'll eventually have the originol board repaired.

Freak Back:

As with all my guns,I try to use a freak barrel system. I like the kits, what can I say. It always seems I find a Freak Back when I need one. This one I found on Ebay for $20 shipped. It's used and an older model,but who cares,it still works.

This item has arrived and is installed.

Freak Front:

As with all my projects I try and put a chrome part on it. This time it will be the Freak Front. I bought this from Guardian_Odin on MCB. This will add the look that I want from this marker.

I like how chrome and black look. Either color goes with any other color.

Orange Bolt:

Picked up two of these for $20 each. Might as well, just can't pass up a deal

So now that all the repair parts are in, it's been cleaned, serviced and tested,it's off for a little trip.

Body off to refurb:

Hill Billy 223 Urban Zombie

I chose this because this kind of matches my personality. It's different, I like Red, and for some reason everyone on the West Coast is in love with Zombies and Vampires. Go figure, cause I don't see what the fasination is with something that can screw up your life :rotfl:


Stinger Custom Bio Hazard Grips

Had a hard time deciding which grips to buy. Basically these are custom made. These can change. If they don't fit the marker, I'll buy the originol I had in mind. Grips are impotant to me. They can make or brake a project. I'm not really into the brand names like most people are. If I can buy custom made I will.

To me the grips have to reflect the project Throwing on "Contract Killer" grips just isn't custom to me. Unless it absolutly fits the project I'm working on and I got them cheap or free. If all else fails, "Clear Grips" work well till you can decide what you want.

Screw kit:

I bought a red KILA screw kit. Then after I thought about it, I called 223 and asked if he could paint all the screw heads in the NEON Zombie green he was using. Not a problem he said. I have another SP1 that I have a great idea for. I always use red in all my gun projects any way.

Hose Kit:

I bought my hose kit from our very own MCB member O-NOTHING. He kind of got a spoiler of what was to come for this project. I thought going all the way on this one would make this whole gun project uniform

Back From Hill Billy 223:

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ION Project 2


23 April 2011

An Orange bolt arrived today, so this will replace the stock ION bolt. Not sure what it will add as far as performance,but at the price I paid,it was well worth adding it.

21 April 2011

Well I spoke with Renick Miller today about the SSC body. Seems the Oring groove was cut to deep to seal the BOB cap to the body. They are in the process of getting me a new back cap. As I am not fussy about color I told Renick it did not matter even if the cap was pink lol. I'm not going to throw a fit. I am just happy that they were able to help me out with this issue and I'll have the SSC project continue at a later date using this body. For now we will continue with the blue body and get this project out of the way.

16 Apr 2011

So Iam scrapping the ANS frame idea. This frame was built for one body only and that was the ANS body itself. Now I have to find a stock ION frame for this project. The search goes on.

9 Apr 2011

The new Shocktech body arrived. Also the new fron breech. I have a feeling it's changing to an older style breech. Ordered the new frame from ANS.

30 Mar 2011

Spoke with Bad Boys Toys. Body arrived,but waiting in line for repairs. There are a few infront of me.

1Apr 2011

ION Breech arrived from Paintball Gateway today. Looks nice

2 April 2011:

Found a milled thru version new of the SSC body. Will be using this instead.

Well the first ION inspired me to make another. This time it will me mostly custom parts. Other than the board,it's just going to be stock. I can never figure out how to use the boards with all the super ramping modes and such.

The Body:

I was going to use the SSC body,but it's leaking and at BBT right now waiting inspection and repair. So instead I have decided to move this project in a newer direction. Changing out the bodies to the milled thru version of the one below.

SSC Body:

I'm not going to wait on BBT to return the body. Found a deal on Ebay,so I'll be using this body.

Breech and Firing Can:

I'll be using a BNIB black breech and firing can combo I bought on ebay.


Will be using an Orange bolt I bought for a very good price on MCB. It doesn't even look like it was ever used.

Extra stuff:

As mentioned in my last ION projects,I have a very few ION spare parts. This is why I don't sell spares. I can always use them. So what I will be using is my spare board, and spare hose. I'll pick up some banjo fittings at the local field down the road.

I misplaced my Tech-T detents,then found them after I installed the Orange detents.The detents came with the SP1 Nano Serum Orange bolt,so extra special deal for me.

Freak Back:

As always I will be using my favorite barrel system, the Smart Parts Freak. I might as well get my $100+ dollars worth I spent on it 7 yrs ago. Use the HELL out of this system,I paid for it,so might as well use it.

I have a used ION threaded Freak Back inbound.

The Frame:

Stock ION frame. Getting harder to find. Guess this is the best frame to use.

So here is where I'll leave it now. as time goes on and if this project changes I'll post up what's going on.


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Super Bolt Project

I bought this Super bolt a while back and really had no thought on what to do with it. Then I got the wild idea to have it anodized and use to play with. Not completely done. Needs a few more things done and a few things changed out. That way it flows nicely with everything that was anodized.

The gun was not complete when I bought it. It was missing a grip frame but had one laying around somewhere in my shop. So one day an MCB member poster up about an anodizer and figured I give it a shot.

Super Bolt Body:

I had to find a new grip frame because the anodizer could not remove chrome,so off to the MCB B/S/T forum. I find the frame I need. Even though it was blue it didn't matter.

Grip Frame:

Now off to the anodizer after a minor delay. Well I should have just held off. After my gun left my hand,the anodizer was in a car accident and my gun and others were returned to them unfinished,but with full refunds.

So my gun returns to me stripped and smelling like baking soda. So what to do now. Here Iam sitting with a stripped gun and most of the anodizers are no longer doing paintball guns,or they are backed logged. Well since I strayed I had to beg.

I PM Rainman229 and this is the response I get:

"That will teach you to cheat on me. Send it over but it will be a while"

A while it did take,but the results were worth the wait:

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Updated the SP1 project with a few new pictures.

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Blue ION is moving in the right direction. I have almost everything to make a complete ION field ready for play. I have changed direction and added a stock breech and fire can combo.

Added some new pictures and also an Orange bolt.
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and if I'm not sponsored?

How much should I expect to pay for custom graphics like the white w/barb wire or the toadskin?

What sort of business should I be searching for in my area (Denver) to perform this work?

Awesome stuff, keep it up!
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Not sure, it depends who you use and how many parts. You can contact Oregon Hydrographics or look for someone who does hydrographing in your area.

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This is going to try and be a total MCB project. Meaning all services and parts should come from MCB. So far Chopper Duke has provided the body. Rainman229 the pump kit, and some various parts from over the yrs have come off this forum. CCI is providing the elbow feed screw insert and the frame.

MCB pickings are slim on the Phantom frames,so I had to call CCI. That's OK I'm sure Mike comes around here without anyone knowing

So my plan is to have this Phantom reanodized in a splash pattern. Not sure which colors. I have an idea,but I have to see it all assembled first.

Detents are going to be done by ASP, they are members here also. So keep an eye on this project and see how it progesses.



1 Aug 2011

Spoke with Mike at CCI today. He is sending out the screw in elbow adapter I need for the gun body. I'll be meeting up with him when I get to Super Game 42 and pick up a few parts from him. Such as a raw frame and perhaps a few other items.

3 Aug 2011

Feed elbow adapter arrived today Did a little filing last night in the grooved area. Took down a few high spots of metal.

So future plans are to have this reanodized. I have to find a few more parts before anodizing can even happen. I'm going to make this a bottom CA.

I might even play with it then sell it off. Never know. I've built 4 or 5 Phantoms in the past and have never played with one in a game,nor ever shot more than 10 rounds out of one.

22 Sept 2011:

One big update. Mike from CCI has hand reamead the inside of the body breech. The bolt and hammer was a little tight or would not move. Mike fixed that right up. I also received my Raw frame at Super Game 42 and also a bead sight. So we have done all the needed CCI repairs.

Yesterday I paid for the ASP detent mods,so hopefully it will leave the house before Saturday and get to BLUE. I'm still looking for a rear ASA that takes vert air side tap.

So we are moving along slowly,but progress is being made. Still haven't decided on an ano pattern.

27 Sept. 2011:

Off to ASP today. Time for the detent mod to happen. I'm still looking for a side tapped valve housing. Color does not matter but has to be cheap.

29 Sept 2011:

This will be arriving at ASP today. Hopefully I can have it back by next Friday

5 Oct 2011:

Just got word today that my Detents are being milled. See the pictures below. I was personally contacted by Have Blue himself

10 Oct 2011:

Phantom body arrived today. Excellent work by Have Blue. This is going to work out perfect. I'll post pics on Weds.

Phantom Uni body:

So a while back I got this body in a trade from Chopper Duke. I'm told this body was personally owned by Oh Pawlac (SP)

I see potential to make a decent shooter. She's not ugly,but inside looks like she's been around the block a few times. No problem,just normal wear and tear.

So a little spit a polish should have this up and running soon. Iam going to try and get as much done local as I can.

Has a few scratches:

Showing everything it came with:

Showing a little wear on the inside:

This is what holds on your feed elbow. This had a tightening hole thru it,and some threads showed damage. Talked with CCI and they are sending me a new one.


First thing,I'm giving this to ASP for a Detent Mod. Since it's a Uni Body, you can't exactly Freak it. Paint sizes aren't that perfect,so everything helps. The body is back from ASP. Looks real nice. It really looks larger in the picture.

Pump Kit:

Next thing I'll be adding is the Rainman229 Undercocking pump kit with HITMAN mod. I already have this in my possession and ready to mount.


I'll be using LAPCO internals. I have some layig around that need to be used

Spiral porting:

Looks like this might happen. Have contacted a few people,but looks like our very own Ty will be doing this.


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11 Aug 2011

Vibe arrived today and is in very good shape. Very clean. Thanks to JJohnson for selling this to me. Hopefully this will be a fast one and can be sold just as quick.

VIBE 2 Project:

I have finalized this sale and this should be on it's way on Monday. I'm going to have fun with this one. This is going to be my fun project. It's hopefully going to be a fast project. So keep checking back and see how this one moves along.

I can tell you that the color will be red and that's all I'm saying.

15 Aug 2011:

Minor delay. I'm just going to leave this as stock as possible with a twist. I really like the look of the stock VIBE barrel. I'm going to talk with Staunchy and see if it's freakable. I want to give this a stock look,yet have a great little shooter.

I was able to check out the board today. It works,just not sure if the noid holds air or not. I'll eventually send it in for reflash. I have a few extra boards that I can add to this gun that have already been reflashed.

I'll tear apart the reg and see what it looks like inside. Not sure if it needs new Orings or not. Other wise this gun seem to be in great condition and should be a fast seller to someone just starting out or needs a good back up. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. If the Cali Air gun Law passes,I might just have to keep this one just for color legality.

A little more update. I had a few extra boards show up with the gun. One board had a bad noid and the other board was just a "NO RESUSITATE". So I kept the noid cap and scavaged what parts I could. The board in the gun seems okay. It had to be tightened and needs air run thru it. Hopefully that fixed the problem.

So two boards will go in for reflash.

7 Sept 2011:

Just waiting for a few items to finish this up. Super Staunchy is still recovering from Super Game orders and I was stupid with my measurements. So delay on my part. I have a neat little hydrograph patteren I will be using. Just something I thought of on a whim. It's going to be different. Hopefully next week this will head out to Oregon Hydrographics to have it covered

Barrel wise,I had a Stock vibe barrel bored for freak inserts. Might use it,then again I got a great deal on some freak JR. fronts and backs. So big decision beore remaining parts arrive and get ready for hydro and ano.

Also ordered a new metal feed, which will be reanodized along with barrel back and reg cover.

So once again we take on another VIBE project. These things are like skittles on MCB lol. However these are very useful little guns and can be made to look and shoot nice. Just a little TLC and they are ready to go. New Orings and some lube will take this gun a long way from shooting crappy to being able to hold it's own in a paint game.

Sure they have a plastic body,but that can be fixed with hydrographics. Cheaper than anodizing and alot more patterns to choose from.

The purpose of this project is to make this compliant to the possible "New Calif air gun law" that might pass in the near future. Which means guns have to be Pink,Yellow,Orange or white.

So we are going to be compliant if I ever have to travel to Cali again

10 Sept 2011:

The new feed has arrived. I just picked up a Tech-T L7 bolt very cheap. So improvements thru low price searching/shopping is paying off.
This is how I like to build projects,cheap and with nice improvments. I picked up new Freak Jr. for $15 on MCB. Matter of fact,I picked up 3 for $45 shipped,all brand new with freak insert. Just going to mill off the UGLY muzzel brake.

So this project is moving right along and we are about set to start building. Just waiting on a few more items.

17 Sept 2011:

Got word a few days ago that the stock barrel has been freaked and the reg cover is finished. That seems to be it. The gun is ready for final disassembly and preps for hydroghaph.

20 Sept 2011:

Just about ready to ship. Reg cover and Freaked stock barrel has arrived. Have to trim the reg cover just a hair,so that the horse shoe clip sets in properly and will be safe for use. Freak front is heading to my Uncles lathe for a tip removal this week. I hate the tips on freak Jr's.
I have contacted Oregon Hydrographics for shipping and cost info. So hopefully this week it will finally go out for completion. Will be sending Bazooka boy one part for ano.

22 Sept 2011:

Freak tip is cut off and reg cover has been trimmed down to fit. Word has arrived back from Oregon Hydrographics and I'm ready to send as soon as I figure out the color schematic. Might even change the print I have chosen. We'll see when it's done.

25 Sept 2011:

Body has just come out of the dish washer and is ready for packaging. Finally going out tomorrow

28 Sept 2011:

Purple KILA screw kit has been ordered. I like these kits,give the finished product a nice touch.

The gun has arrived at OHG. Can't wait till it is finished I guess I'll just order clear VIBE grips for it. Can't really think of anything that can go with this design.

3 Oct 2011:

Minor issue. Seems the L7 Bolt I bought was not for a VIBE,but for an ION. Just had a bigger bolt stop. Well I ordered a new bolt stop today,which cost me an extra $9 to ship,but I also got the new fire cannon plug for free. Seems that Tech-T is recalling all of these. Even though I had to pay an extra $9,I'm still way under the actual price of a new L7.

4 Oct 2011:

Sometimes you just can't find the correct grips to fit. There is also such thing as design overkill. To make this worth my while,I'm just going to throw on some clear Custom grips made by Stinger. Clear goes with anything,just like black and chrome does. I ordered these a while back and had them laying around. Might as well use them.

6 Oct 2011:

The Tech-T parts arrived yesterday. Now I have a complete bolt ready to go. All the parts are here except the body barrel and grip frame. I'll be adding more pictures soon.

10 Oct 2011:

So today I had two stainless steel VIBE nut and bolt kits arrive. What I will be doing with these kits,is replace the rusted looking screws I have on both of my VIBES. Those will only be internal screws. The outer screws will be the anodized screws that you see in both projects.

18 Oct 2011:

So today I got my UPS delivery number from Oregon Hydrographics. Gun is on the way. Hopefully it will be here before this weekend. Pictures soon.

19 Oct 2011:

Just looked at UPS tracking and this should me here tomorrow. I hope it's what I thought it would look like. I know it left as a high gloss. I can't wait to see it. I'll have all day Friday to get this up and running. Hopefully I can use it on Saturday

10 Nov 2011:

Well I'm just about finished. I have added a DF and and will be trying to match with an air line. All that's really left to do is install the horse shoe clip in the lower part of the regulator. Add air and adjust at the chrono.

11 Feb 2012:

An MCB member posted that Virtue was having a sale on boards. So I head on over and find Vibe/SP1 boards at $67. That is a very good price. So good, I bought two of them. I'll be buying two more in the very near future for both my SP1s.


Once again an SC Village rental from Titus sale. thanks to JJohnson for selling this to me. JJohnson told me it comes with a few more items. Included were the reg,stock feed and two boards.

The body needs a little refurb. I'll have to pull out the jewler's files and do a little touch up. After all these were rentals at some point in their lives.

Time for a few upgrades:

Same as the last VIBE I did. I'll be adding, Detents, metal feed, probably a reflashed board,a new reg cover and a freak barrel system. Iam not using the freak JR kit you see in the picture. Have changed direction with the freak system I'll be using.


I won't be using a metal feed. I have decided to keep this gun as much stock as possible. Not sure why,just feels right to do with this project.

I was going to use the above freak barrel,but switched out to this freak system and a stock Vibe barrel I had freaked. I actually like the older FREAK backs. Gives it that nice "throw back look".

The Bolt:

Tech-T L7 bolt

Picked this up cheap on Ebay. Bought it for under half the price of a new one, that included shipping. In great shape. It had a little wear on the front,but nothing that will hurt performance. I had to repurchase some parts. I needed a new bolt stop,because this belong to an ION. The back plug was free from Tech-T,because the one I had was recalled.

Blackrain Reg cover:

Super Staunchy has once again made one. I like this type of cover. It rotates,it's solid and it's mine This is also very smooth so it can be anodized and Lazer engraved with a picture. No knurling to defuse the work.

Some people might not like it,but I do Just slip it over the reg and screw in the reg. Then just put back on the bottom portion of reg and snap ring. It's that simple.

Stainless steel GOG and KILA anodized screw kits and Grips:

Yep these will replace the worn out rusted looking screws. Both internal and external.

Forgot I ordered these grips when I ordered the POW/MIA grips. Finally found these things. Stuffed in my junk box of useless parts I have.

Off to Oregon Hydrographics:

This will be a little different style for me. I've been told I have to many red and black guns.

I was going to use "Hello Kitty", but could not get it in a pink background. The red threw off the whole project and purpose.

So instead I am going with a lightning style, Just as you see it in the picture:

Body is back from Hydrographics:

Getting the breech ready to go:

I have added Orange detents, multi fire board (Reflashed), and Tech -T L-7 Bolt and new breech O-rings:

Let's lube the bolt:

It's all lubed up. No need for pictures,It's common sense where to lube. I use Monkey Poo from O-ring Monkey (They are my sponsors). Works well and smells like Bannanas. End plug in lubed and inserted (I know sounds sick). Bolt and bolt stop are inside the gun and ready to go.

Let's put this thing together:

It's all together waiting on parts from GoG. I've added the Stainless Steel screws to the feed,body stop and the ASA. I have the purple screws holdinging the frame and body to the breech.

Drop forward:

I'm using a chrome System X DF. It goe with and color. It's getting hard to find a decent Blue or Purple DF these days.

Final Tuning:

Let's put some air to this thing. Reg is rebuilt and ASA is on. Keep our fingers crossed so we don't blow the noid.

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So an update on several projects.

Phantom is at APS or on it's way back.

VIBE is at Oregon Hydrographics and hopefully back within the next two weeks.

Superbolt still needs to be put together. Yea I'm dragging my feet on this.

SP1 will be going out to Oregon Hydrographics next week for a new look. Now that I have a back up SP1 it can be gone for a while.

That's all the updates.

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