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Blackrain's Ramblings

I'll just post up what comes into my mind from time to time.

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So let’s talk about the big word “Sponsorship”. To some it means making a name for themselves in Paintball, to others it’s a status. To me it’s “Help to give back to this great sport” when I can.

I’ve only played in a few Tournaments in my 23yrs of playing. I really suck at the game and I’m no one special. My body is beat up from 21 yrs of military service. I’m overweight and smoke. I probably run the 40 yard dash in 90 seconds, so that tells you how fast I really am.

Every so often I can still pull out a great move on the field. I think I’m even friendly to people I meet at other fields. Man I hope I don’t annoy any of you.

I travel way to much with my job and can’t even make a big or major event.

So how did I get all my sponsors. Maybe this will help some of you.

To be very honest this all started out as a JOKE, just poking fun at sponsorship in general. However all that took a turn for the better. I was approached by a well known person in paintball and on the MCB forum.

We exchanged a few emails and next thing you know I have a sponsor. Nothing expensive, just a decent discount for supplies. I didn’t take advantage as some would do, because he is just a small business and depends on retail to keep him afloat.

Then it all of a sudden fell into place. Small business was were it’s at. I didn’t just pick them random, They were people who had helped me in the past and still continue to help me to this day.

I review a lot of my sponsor’s items, and if you have read any of my reviews, you know I’m truthful about what I write. I don’t care who gave it to me, if it was free or at a discount, I’m going to be truthful about it. I can’t help my sponsors or players if I lie about a product.

One thing a lot of players forget, small business can become big companies. If they don’t become big companies, then they stay small and still provide an excellent service to you and the community.

So in other words I wanted to help out those who helped me any way that I can/could.

Do I have an advantage:

Yes I do in a way. I travel the US and the World with my job. I travel with my gear, so I’m able to play when I can. Thus reaching a larger player base for my sponsors. I have a lot of fun doing it. My goal is to eventually meet all my sponsors within the next yr or so.


Well it has been a yr since I enquired about sponsorship from a few places. To be honest, it was very easy. It’s really about presentation and how you ask the person(s).
When you speak to a prospective sponsor, appearance is everything. Body language and English language. Be respectful at all times. Most of the sponsors I deal with, know me or know of me. They know I’m a straight up guy who will keep my word.

I posted a very truthful resume about myself, and let the sponsors know what I could and can’t do for them. They were very understanding about all of it.

I think what kind of threw some off was that I was just a one man team. I don’t think that it’s rare, but kind of odd in a way. I was surprised that some took the chance, but then again, look at how much money they saved with me.

I’m not very good, I careless if I win or loose. I can’t run very fast, so I’m really slow. I guess because I love the game so much, and just play to have fun, was a main reason. Also I am very thankful for help that I have received from companies in the past.

Many were happy with the reviews I wrote and the business I bought them long before I even considered sponsorship. It was just my way of saying “Thank You” for the quality service that was provided.

Free Stuff:

I’m often asked if I get “FREE STUFF” and the answer is “YES”. However that
“FREE STUFF” is given away to young players starting out or to a local field for them to test or use on their equipment. Remember, “NOTHING IS FREE” in a sponsorship. There is a price to pay for having sponsorship.
Sponsored items are something that is to be shared with other players who can’t afford or do not have or could be potential customers. At least that’s the way I look at it.

For example, if a player has fogged goggles, I better be applying some Fog Doc on them, even if it means missing a game. That’s what my sponsor would expect from me. That’s the responsibility I took on accepting the items and sponsorship.

It’s my job to make sure I show the player how it’s used, how to apply it and what to use to clean it.
It’s also my responsibility to make sure that players leave with a free sample and ordering instructions.

Maybe he/she won’t order an item, but I’m sure he/she will let their buddy use it and he/she may order some.


Yes I get discounts. If someone wants to test drive one of my sponsor’s barrels, I better let them use it. How else can they know for sure if that’s what they want. I better know the specs and who makes it. Be able to tell them the history of the barrel and how to order it.
When I get a discount, I buy just what I need.
For example, I only use 100 round pods. I bought 12 from my sponsor at a discount.

I have a lot of 100 round pods, enough to hold two cases of paint at one time. I make sure my sponsors pods are loaded and used first before I use another. Even the Pit Crew knows that.

A few months back I lost two on the field. A young man returned them to me and I let him keep them. One for honesty and the other reason was to help him out. He didn’t have many pods and I know money is tight. He probably saved his “Lawn Mower” money for a few months just to make that weekend. It didn’t hurt me any and it put a smile on his face.
He left happy and I felt good, but he also left with a sponsor flyer. Maybe he’ll use it sometime down the road when he has a little more money in his pocket. Maybe he will do the same thing I did for him when he has a sponsor. There is always a positive reaction in paintball.

What not to do:

It is team policy not to get hundreds of dollars worth of items from our sponsors. It’s just not right. They have bills and families. Money is tight all around. Even with companies.

Being a one man team makes decisions very easy.

There is no arguing with team members and items that we receive, are needed and well appreciated. The items are put to good use. No commitment to a team or tournament is a great feeling. Knowing I’m not going to hear any whining or crying about my choices in products or sponsors. I’m free to promote my sponsors as I please and my way.

My Wife who is my pit crew usually directs me towards a person who needs help. There are times I do not wish to be bothered, but what kind of player would that make me. That is why I choose the playing style I play. I can take a few games off to help a player with gun issues or fogged goggles. I don’t have to worry about other team members. Also my team reputation is on the line.

I would like to say that our total sponsor package for the 2011 season has probably reached an all time high of $150 total of all sponsor’s combined items.

To many players, That does not seem like a lot, but for what we have received, that will last well thru 2011 and probably into half of 2012 season. I’m not wasteful with items. Just because I’m sponsored, does not mean that I get items every time I call.

I’m working on a gun sponsorship now. Nothing fancy no real big name. It’s something new and old that’s on the market. I have already made the deal and he understands that this will not be my main gun. I still prefer my 99” Auto Cocker over any gun I have used.
He understands that and is okay with it.

What I will do after I’m done playing with it for the day. I’ll let other players use it and test drive it for a game. Get their feed back on it and help my sponsor improve on his item with player feed back.

The gun will not be free, it will be at a discount but it will be mine to use as I please. Promoting him and his product is priority, as with all my sponsors.

Now many players wouldn’t take a gun unless it was a big name sponsor or a $1000+ gun. Hey you take what you can get. Bad Company did not do to bad when they were shooting stock Spyders for a season.

This gun probably won’t be ready for a while, but I can wait without putting pressure on him.

My Contract Agreements:

Well let’s just say they are not bound by paper work, but by the WORD OF TWO MEN making an agreement to up hold a promise. I know in this day and time that’s a hard thing to do or even hear of, but that’s how I conduct business.

The option I leave my Sponsor, they can walk at anytime due to not being happy with me or are just plain tired with paintball, or financial hardship has hit them. No ill feelings. I won’t talk or post bad about them on forums. That’s not what grown men do.

I guess the total over view of all this is not to be Greedy and accept what you are offered. Don’t try and go after a major brand, especially if your starting out. Help to promote your local small Paintball business or smaller companies on line. Your treated a lot better, it’s more personal, you won’t have the stress that major companies put on you to win.


Many new players feel that they should get sponsors right off the bat, just because they have been a team for two months and have been playing for 4 months.
Just because you shoot an EGO, doesn’t mean you deserve sponsorship from Planet Eclipse. What you really need to do is sit back and ask yourself, what you have really done for the sport of paintball. Have you really paid your dues that you deserve to have their items in your stable?

To be honest, If a company gave me just a shake and shoot hopper, I’d promote the HELL out of it. Reason, because I would be very proud to know that they thought of me that much to give it to me. I’m that type of player and always will be.

As of now, Team Black Rain will have 10 sponsors to carry into the 2011 season. We are very happy that they are willing to take a chance with us and appreciate they accept how much I travel with my job. They understand that I cannot attend major events or play as often as most do. It’s just an understanding that we have. I can’t change my life just for paintball. The real world doesn’t work that way.

Thanks To:

Celanis Paintball
Whiskey Two Four
Mcarter Brown
Oregon Hydrographics
B&M Chainmaille and Jewelry
Fog Doc
Oring Monkey
FoxxyFluff Paintball
Nana’s Bandanas (Thanks Mom)
RobertSR Grips


You have to have standards when you pick a sponsor. Well atleast I do. Since a one man team cannot always travel or attend major events, I have to carefully pick and choose who I ask.

If I was offered a major company sponsorship (which I know will never happen),doesn't mean I'll accept it. I have to make sure it's what I want in my stable. It has to fit the team profile.

Truthfully I wouldn't accept one of the newest guns on the market if it was given to me for free. I would really have no need for it and possibly the company. I just check out all the others who have spent money on them Ask questions and maybe play a game with it. Then if I like it,I'll research it and probably buy a used one.

I run my team how I see fit,and play where I want to. I can't let a company regulate me. I created Team Blackrain many yrs ago. I'm not going to let a company or individual ruin it.

It is nice seeing my team name on a few of my sponsors pages. That to me is just perfect. It's nice knowing I can just have fun when I'm playing and stop playing for the day when I want. No sponsor looking over my back wondering why I'm not winning or making game winning moves.

I like the fact that my Team Jersey doesn't look like a NASCAR racing suit. Stickers are put on as an option if I decide to. That's why I have a Helmet.

I do manage to make sure I keep my sponsors seperate. That meaning,if I get MOLLE from one place,I'm not going to accept MOLLE from another sponsor,with out the permission of my Tactical sponsor. It's just not good business.

I have a sponsor that provides lense for my mask,I won't accept a set of lenses from another sponsor. They are designated as my sponsor for pods and other items.

In doing this I keep peace with myself and able to keep peace with my sponsors. They all provide a unique service and I want to keep it that way. It's just nice knowing that I can try and help out a few great people that the paintball community hasn't heard of,or heard very little of.

Also I have known a few of these guys for a few yrs and I would like to keep them as my friends.

What I have learned on this path I have traveled, It’s not easy having sponsorship. It’s my responsibility to write reviews. My responsibility to have a banner made. My responsibility to make sure their name is put out to the public. Try and make big events even if they are local.

Trial and error has taught me a few things and all I can do is get better. This is a different yr and a new season.

If you see us at an event or your field, come on up and say hello. I don’t bite very hard these days. Age is catching up.


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You sir, are my hero.

You just picked up another sponsor. Contact me via PM to discuss what I can do for you with some custom grips.
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Paintball's long term effects:

To be honest, Iam not a Doctor and know very little about injuries. What I do know about injuries are there long term effects.

In my early yrs I was like many atheletes,indestructable, playing for the love of the game, enjoy hearing the people cheer as you make that great Quarter back sac or the game winning home run. The rush of adrenaline that you get when you put on the protective armor when you play football.

Then you hear the words,"there's nothing wrong with you,your head just got banged up a little". "What do you mean your ankel hurts,rub some dirt and spit on it and go back in and play".

Yea it seems funny,but not many yrs ago this was happening in high school sports. Parents weren't allowed in the dressing room,girls couldn't be team managers to the football team, and parents believed what Doctors and Coaches said.
Many times I played with injuries that should have sidelined me or others. But we were so worried about dissapointing our parents,town,school and coach that we just played thru it. What did we know, we were kids and times were different back then,sometimes it was our only way out of a bad situation or a nowhere life that we had to find our way out no matter what it took to leave.

So flash forward 20 yrs,everyone is PC,parents interfear for the best and atheletes are basically what many would call pansies compared to standars of yrs ago. What has really advanced is sports medicine and the ability to keep an injured player from going back onto the field prior to a decent recovery period.

I personally would never have made my Son played injured and had actually stopped it several times from happening. It hurt him not to play,but I explained the benefits of a good healthy life for his future.

Flashback 1986:

while serving overseas and reading an outdoors magazine,I discover paintball. My first impression of this sport was "This is for me". I couldn't wait to get back to the states and try this out.
A yr later my Wife is pregnant with our Son. I get around 15 areas I could be stationed at,but narrowed down to two. Ft. Bragg and Ft. Campbell. I let my Wife choose our next duty assignment. Hoping for Ft. Bragg,because that was where all the Combat and Paratrooper action was. Also the access to Joining Special Forces and Ranger school was more accessible. I was had big dreams for about 10 mins. Then my Wife chose Ft. Campbell,Ky.
It was close to home and she was pregnant. We had already been stationed there so we knew the lay of the land.

So now I have 4 dull yrs ahead of me,nothing exciting really happens on Ft. Campbell. Then one day my Wife comes home and gives me this flyer that said "Come play Paintball at Outdoor rec".

So talk with about 10 buddies to go that weekend. When it came time to play,only one shows up. Just our luck, all the splatmasters have been rented out and no chance of any being free for the rest of the day.

So dissapointed I go home and explain to my Wife what happened. As tight as money was with the new baby on the way,she let me have the credit card to go buy me a new 007 at US Calvary

So now that I have given this long rant,it's time to speak about what I'm writting about.

INJURIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the time I started playing piantball, I already had bad knees. I was running endless miles on concrete with the US Army and carrying 80lb-90lb ruck sacks on forced road marches. Needless to say I had not taken care of past injuries and was only making them worse. The need to keep going was still a mental mind set,regardless of the pain.

So I continued to play,cause I was enjoying my self and getting the much needed training of camoflouge and stealth. I used paintball as a training tool for various terrains, enviroments and locations. It was fun and I started to relax and just change to a more Gorrilla tactic format. This made the game more fun yet more dangerous. Instead of following basic combat tactics,I was like a loose cannon and enjoying it. With this type of fun,came more injuries. Badly bruised shoulders from falling and tripping in woods and over tree stumps. Entering thru a window at a rapid pace at full run only to twist an ankle or knee when landing on the other side. Being shot in the ear (we didn't have 3/4 head protection) and having you ear drum ruptured. Splitting the muscle lining and now having a buldge sticking out of your leg for life.

This isn't counting the head shot that I took one game that was so close I had a mild concusion and ended up on bed rest for 3 days.I was to dizzy to do anything else. Now these injuries didn't fair well with Uncle Sam and I was almost ordered to stop. If that was done,I told them I would take up Sky Diving or Scuba Diving,which was way more dangerous then Paintball.

Injuries or not I could not resist the game and wanted more. The worst thing that I did,was not take precuations of injury prevention.

Flash forward 23 yrs.

Well I've learned that almost being 50yrs old, prior injuries decide to creep up. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. My game is now slower and every once in a while I make a decent run or counter move,but if I would have taken better care of myself,I wouldn't have the trouble I do now.

So what do I do now to prevent further injuries:

I strech at home. I really don't want the younger players seeing me do this,because they might think I'm just an old guy that wants to be young again. I take inflammatory meds prior to playing,so I have a little "pep in my step". I have bought plastic and metal guns,so that my shoulder injuries don't hurt as much. My gear is basically lighter then a few yrs ago. I try to move under more cover and in straight directions with trees as my cover.
I now use a helmet,to many head shots over the yrs. I still refuse to use a padded shirt or vest. It's just not the same. I laugh at the young players that wear them. Even though I use a helmet, I have a tac vest that absorbs the sting of the hit. I used knee pads for a while,and they did help,but slowed me down. I think this yr I'll try knee inserts. I'm not to concerned about elbow pads or slide shorts,I don't see myself "Superman Sliding" anytime soon. I'd rather get shot lol.

So what is the whole sense of this rant:

Preventing injuries. Trust me when I tell you if you don't take care of yourself when you're young, you'll pay for it in the long run.

If you look on You Tube,you'll see idiots doing initiations by shooting each other over 300 times bare skinned. Or the Idiot that took a 2 ft. head shot just to be on a team. Is it really worth it all. The long term effects are still unknown to us and I doubt there is any medical info to back up what continuios head shots will do to a person over long periods of time. What are the future effects of taking 300 rounds hitting bare skin.

Imagine that,being hit bare skin with 300 rounds. The possibility of infection is great. Imagine having to clean all that area every night with peroxide and neosporin. Think about not being able to wear a shirt for a while,because you have so much puss leaking out of your wounds that you can't even go out. And even though you said it was ok,your parents might not think it was so funny and actually go after the idiot who shot you that many times,or his parents.

Back to prevention:

Make sure you are fit enough to play. If you're over weight as many of us are,take it slow,talk with your Doctor and get a physical. He/She may recommend the tred mill first (Which I have started to use). Take vitamins and get plenty of sleep the night before. Eat healthy. Wear high ankle boots and loose fitting close. Make sure you have the propper protection gear.

Make sure your gear is in propper working order,such as lenses are service able. Tanks are in hydro spec and your marker of choice has been properly serviced.

The most important thing you need to remember:

This will help prevent a loss of an EYE. Always wear your mask when playing or shooting a marker.

The most important thing to remember, "If you are injured let it heal".

Another important thing,don't be a YOU TUBE idiot that gives our sport a bad name.


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So where is paintball heading? I think in a nice steady straight direction. Many players are concerened because many large tournaments are being cancelled or going bankrupt. Me personally I really careless. It's my personal opinion.
Major tournaments don't regulate my paintball play nor my budget. It really doesn't affect my fields that I go to.

What I think has hurt paintball was the arms race and law suites that have gone on over the yrs. Way back in the day, when paintball first started out,airsmiths would take a Sheridan or a Nelson based gun,make it shoot real nice and call it their own brand. Companies like Benjamin Sheridan didn't care,because parts and guns were being bought from them and rebranded with a new name. If companies quite putting out a new gun every yr and concentrate on improving their existing guns for a few yrs,this would be a great sport once again. Offer a trade in program for the body. Be able to put in the same internals. Re mill the older bodies, reano and you'll probably make more money doing that.

There were no law suites, no companies trying to drag each other thru the mud,it was just one big happy family. The bad thing is,all these folks that were/are suing each others,were at one time friends. You could see them at major events sitting together exchanging ideas and just talking about the future of paintball. Now it's just a Dog Eat Dog world of who is going to live and die.

I'm sorry to say that there are very few companies that offer great service to our sport. There is about a handfull left. Man I wish Tom Kaye would make a come back,cause that would give us about 4 worthy companies still worth buying from. Like I said these are my opinions and I only speak for myself.

I look around and all I see are a bunch of no talented players,who if you played "one ball against them, 99% would probably loose after the first few shots. Reason being, no high volume shooting. Yep that's what our sport has become. Who can shoot the fastest and the most rounds. I'm not a very good player myself,but I careless if I get shot or not. I have nothing to prove to anyone.

I have come to a certain mind set, if it's not rec ball or a big game,I just stay away from it. I haven't seen any fun in just playing the same game of speedball over and over again. I haven't seen the fun in teams, because they usually just end up a Soap Opera. Teams are good for some folks, but not for me. I'm happy being a one man show.

Not really sure why I'm ranting,maybe it's because everyone feels sorry because the companies can't sell their way over priced space guns or speedball is in a total death spin.

I guess now we are going to see who really is going to survive the arms race or in this sport.

Local fileds. Host some events and don't make your prizes expensive. Give a way a yr free field pass to the winners and a case of paint to second and third place. That will show you who truely wants to play paintball. Also make it limited event paint only.

If you want paintball to stay alive at your field,you need to keep your customers happy. Have a half day scenario game, they are easy to do and you'll get more people then you think you will. Just a few small events will get you a little extra cash.

Players, you have to support locals. If they can get you the gun you're looking for,but it will take an extra week to get it,then wait for it. Local small stores that are opening,make sure you get cash before you order anything, with a 90% restocking fee if they back out of the buy. That will stop all the bull**** stories they make up,so they can get back their money and buy it cheaper new/used on line.

Regular players,you MUST remember that the new players are what keep this sport alive. If you see a player(s) beating down new players,put a halt to it. Because it affects more then you think. Insurance goes up with every claim,the field will loose money and get a bad rep,customers won't come back.

Don't stack the teams. Who cares if somany players are and actual team,split them up even. They are no one special. I recently was at a field and noticed this. The refs were more concerned with getting their free paint and play for the next day. I did bring up the issue of team stacking to the ref. He first tried to argue with me till I shut him up. He listened and made up his mind I was right,plus he didn't want to bring in the field owner to this complaint.

Any ref who stacks teams in favor of guns and experience against new first time players,isn't worth crap to this sport. All your doing is hurting the game and getting rid of it one day at a time. You're hurting your field and it's reputation.

Me personally I can trash alot of fields across America. I travel and play that much in the US. No reason,unless it's so Jacked up that there is no hope for it.

I'll be honest here,I really liked playing in Cali. It made me up my game right away. These players get almost yr round Sunshine and alot of playing time to hone their skill. Let's face it,they basically determin how paintball will be played. Style,cloths,game,type of gun etc. I have played cheaper in Cali. then anywhere in the US and the world. It's just that popular and that easy to access paintball.

Pro player. Well I have met very few I would even concider worth my time speaking with. Then there are those very small few I would concider calling a friend. Those are the ones that take the time to meet with young players and show them the right way to play the sport. Those are the ones who are so tired after playing in high heat,that they will take the time to talk with the young players and even help them improve their game. Like I said,very few that I have met.

So who exactly is killing the sport of paintball?it's not really the economy,it's the companies,fields,and players who refuse to change for the better of the sport, that are so mind set that they will make a big come back and lead paintball to the next level. I have news for them,we have hit the highest level we can. Now time is coming around for the second time and all the players have taken back to the woods for the real fun of the game.

We are wearing camoflouge again and a players can be a super Soldier for the weekend and have a great time doing it. Most of the players who have given the sport a bad rep with their playing style have left,because they are now being regulated,run off, or just can't stand changing to a woods format. Oh well who really needs them.

I once met a pro player who told me "I have more fun just playing recball then playing on a well known team". so I'll leave you all with that thought. Doesn't matter if I keep rambling or not,No one visits my team forum anyway.


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So big surprise in 2011:

Smart Parts is back as GOG. They seem to have a big following amongst players from the past. I most like that they so far have kept their stock to entry level .68 cal guns. That is still to be seen. However their die hard Vibe and SP1 now have a new look and new name.

Seems Valken is making a big push into the 2011 yr. Sponsorship seems to be plentiful with them. I understand they have moved into a new facility and own a CNC machine. Might want to keep an eye on them for upgrade parts.

Major Tournaments are still having major problems,but who really cares.

Woodsball has seemed to pic up really strong. Guess you can have more fun in the woods,buildings,mount sites etc. Sometimes a field with air ballons just doesn't cut it all that much.

So enough for tonight.

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Keep on ramblin' bro.
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I like the rambles
My Feedback

Originally Posted by Spider! View Post
I'm gonna pop some aggs.
Only got 20 rounds in my pocket.
I'm huntin'
Looking for some cover,
This is ****ing awesome.
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Wow people actually read this stuff????????????????
Thanks for stopping by

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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
Wow people actually read this stuff????????????????
Of course we do, what else are we supposed to do in between work and games.
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