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Beginners budget and buying deals.

This is the first installment of deals for the beginner and those on a tight budget. Now to be very honest,I have a good paying job,but still have to live and play within a budget. I buy last yrs gear at a very low cost (brand new) and Iam always on line searching for deals.

Even though I don't match on the field,doesn't mean I can't send you to the Dead Box packing your expensive gear along with you

So you have to ask yourself if you really need to keep up with what everyone else is useing just to be accepted.

Please feel free to post comments.


Now I know I can buy better brands,but I'd rather use the extra cash else where. I am well in the knowing of a Military quality pants and boots. However for the budget baller I write these small articles. This will keep you with in budget,leave you a few extra dollars to spend at a scenario or local recball.

These two items I write about are very durable.I hope this helps out the budget player and the beginner players.

There is nothing wrong if you cannot afford expensive items in paintball. You have to stay within a budget, even if you don't want to. Eventually you will get to the mark or level that you want,but for now I thought I would pass along a little helpful information to use.


Well if you know me,you'll know I'm a cheap person. When a deal comes along I jump on it if I have the cash. Today I did. Well I guess some wouldn't consider it a deal,but I do.

Today I went to Walmart to buy some batteries and Pedialyte for the Black Hawk Down Scenario in Oregon. While there I walked thru the clothing section and found what I feel are the perfect pants for paintball. At under $20,I buy these Wranglers and have them made into shorts and use as team Uniform pants. Now for those who like the faded look, or the look of these being around the field a few times,these are for you. Believe it or not some people actually think that way and worry what other people think about them and their look.

I know a few players who use these. To be honest I'm going to throw a hint out here. If there is a paintball pant's maker that can go with this style of pants, You would have a customer for life. Especially if you can make 40x30.

So that a BIG HINT I'm throwing out to you. Not everyone likes speedball type pants.

If you must spend countless dollars on pants to keep up with the field styles,then more power to you. I'll use these till they rip and become unservicable. Then I patch them and get more use out of them till they can't be used anymore,then I still try to get my $20 worth by patching them more if I can.

The pants:

I decided that this yr was a time to buy ankle support. The bones aren't what they used to be , and I haven't anymore of my Military issue Combat boots left.

Over the yrs,boots have improved and many of us "OLD HARD CORE MILITARY TYPE" have learned a few things:

Such as:

Water proof and Comfort

They really make a big difference in your game and your life (DUMBASS WHY DIDN'T YOU THINK OF THIS IDEA BEFORE )

SOOOOOOOOOOO While walking thru the shoe section of Walmart my Wife spots some Herman Survivors on sale. Now Herman Survivors are not a boot to snubb your nose at,especially if they are on sale at $35. Even though they won't match my pants or Jersey,who cares. They are going to get muddy and stay that way till they are well past the work stage of use

My Wife thought these would be a good idea for me to use. Let's face it,I live in the wettest State in the Union.

The Boots:

Sooooooooo never be afraid to pass up a bargin. I know the boots might be a little on the high end for some,but there is always a better deal out there. One thing you really need to remember. Never skimp on SAFETY GEAR and a good pair of shoes.


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Speaking of better Deal Boots, Look here for some great boots at great prices:

Boots, military, corcoran, rocky, timberland, magnum, matterhorn, Chippewa boots, Wolverine, Danner

Tru Spec Boots Online

Budget and Economy boots, discount boots, affordable boots, rothco boots
Metadyne Pump # 1161

FS Custom 13/3000 Tank Covers Paracord $35
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So I haven't written here in a while. So what have I bought lately? My most recent ourchase in a Tech-T L7 bolt. I want to say Iam still a cheap person so I had to search for a while.

While doing that,I also purchased two Orange Serum bolts for $20 each. Which is a great deal considering they were over $50 at one time.

So back to the L7, I purchased it for $35 shipped. Considering they are $79 before shipping,I got an excellent deal.

So my patience paid off and looking for the deals always pay off. If you don't need it now, look on the forums, Ebay and Craig's list. Eventually it will pay off.

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