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biteweasel 02-07-2013 04:25 AM

T9 First strike kit- Anygood?
Hello fellow Tibby owners!

I've fairly recently acquired a second hand T9 and it shoots great! So I wanted to upgrade to shoot first strike.

So my question for you guys who had a T8/T9 and upgraded to shoot first strike.

Are first strike any good in the T8/9 running on 12 grams?

Any barrel recommendations?

Any problems to look out for?

Thanks all!

zenmic 02-07-2013 11:19 AM

I have and run the First Strike upgrade kit in my T8. The kit consist of a:
  • New barrel that is useable on both a T8 or T9, that is cut for both First Strikes and standard paint
  • New detents
  • New bolt
  • New bolt spring
  • First Strike/8.1 Magazine with magazine springs (red for First Strikes and silver for standard)

I have since moved to a LAPCO Str8shot .690 barrel.
STR8 Shot T9 9 Inch First Strike .690 Bead Blasted Black

However, I still use everything else.

biteweasel 02-08-2013 04:31 AM

Thanks for the reply zenmic, was unsure whether it was worth upgrading.
I shoot a lot of paint with my T9 from long range and wanted a little more accuracy and to shoot less paint.
The first strike seems like a good idea for that sort of thing. And I don't mean to use a scope or anything complicated like that.
Just wanted a little more accuracy.

At the moment nobody in the UK stocks the first strike upgrade kit so I have emailed Justin at Tiberius to see if they can send me the parts, Barrel/Spring/Bolt.
Its that or finding someone in the UK who wants to sell me thier's second hand:clapping: .

biteweasel 02-11-2013 10:22 AM

Right, i've not had a reply from Justin at TA yet. I think if new products are coming out he is going to be a bit busy with that so no worries. But I wanted to know if anyone had succesffully modified thier stoock barrel to accept first strike?
My T9 came with a bolt that looks like the first strike bolt as in its bevelled at the front and the barrel should be easy enough to do by hand with a file or two but my main concern is...

Why is the first strike spring shorter?

Is this just a general improvement on the design or is it specifically shorter for first strike rounds?

Going to get another barrel anyway so if it goes wrong (fingers crossed/touchwood) i'll have a backup I can use.

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