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New A5 Owner!

I can't wait to use it at the field xD I wish it came with the HE selector egrip. Nonetheless, I can walk the trigger on this egrip.

I have it pictured with my first marker, the Tippmann Pro-Lite. It came with the 14" Smart Parts All American Barrel originally. I thought it would be funny if I added the 8" A5 barrel to it. Damn thing is lighter in the front now. It still shoots great. Maybe I'll get it bored out for Freak Inserts. I plan on adding a loudener that looks like the Flatline on it. Since the value went down, I plan on modding the hell out of it. It's a shame that the Xcel barrel can't fit through the foregrip

I was thinking of integrating the 12 gram stuff into the grip frame and adding a modified spring feed. Turning it into a nice semi-auto shotgun xD

I wish I didn't sell my Pro Feed a while back. Then again, I stopped using this once I upgraded to an Autococker.

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I know it's a money pit to put stuff on a Tippmann. But hell, I always wanted a MilSim done cheaply

I'm thinking of picking up a Flex Air Kit + Buttstock with an integrated hpa tank.

The next item would be the Tacamo Mag Conversion Kit. I can wait it out till they produce a better quality product. hopefully the price will go down a bit too

Last but least would be a functional dual drum beta magazine. That would look sick.

Hmm. Looks like I'll be spending about $300 for all this with extra magazines.
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