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dont plan that far ahead
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first tournament?

hey every one me and my team are gonna enter our first tournament in the wcps and i was wondering what could me and my team expect from it, and what should we look out for?

kinda off topic but we are playing in the pump division but part of the team wanted to do semis and so i wanted your guys opinion on what electro should i run.
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First, expect to have fun and learn. Get there early and walk the field. While walking the field look at the angles, see what move # 2 and three will be for each player.

On the gun thing, with the caps on BPS getting lower and lower all the time I am going back to mechanicals. My next gun will be an old school cocker. They are the straightest shooting gun there ever was. Keeping them tuned can be a chore but a well tuned cocker in the hands of a good player is something to fear.

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I'd say part of the key to tournament success is communication, SHOUT often. Also, tournament play is a whole lot different from rec ball in my experience. The existence of a flag really adds a whole new level playing wise.
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Listen to your refs, attend the capt. meeting, DO NOT argue with a ref during a game.
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Originally Posted by punkncat View Post
Listen to your refs, attend the capt. meeting, DO NOT argue with a ref during a game.
That includes not cussing, directly or indirectly at a ref. I saw a head ref leave one game to eject a player in another for cussing, after a previous incident. If you have one of those guys on your team that "has a temper", be prepared to lose a game (or whole tournament) for it.
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Flirt with the ref.

Follow the rules.

Don't attempt any crazy moves you've never done.

Don't mess with your guns settings prior to the game.

Have fun!
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